State of the NaNo

I hit about 9K last night. If I’m pacing myself well through the month, I should have at least 15K as of last night. So I’m a bit behind. I churned out 3K at the write-in this last night. I hadn’t really expected to get much done, as the socializing at the write-ins is a little distracting, but nevyn522 bullied me into pushing for 3K. I ended up staying an hour later than planned, but I did it.

Things of note:

  • The character I had planned on basing off of nuadha_prime bears little resemblance to the man. Well, aside from his strident dedication to sparklypoo GMing.
  • I find I enjoy writing my cast iron bitch quite a bit. Especially when she’s on a tirade.
  • I consulted Jen last night for input on writing a scene where the token lesbian couple have something of a conflict. She felt that my portrayal of the dispute brought back memories, and not good ones. I’m guessing I did well.
  • Had a small panic this morning. I’ve been trying to fix a problem with the laptop where it automatically logs into Jen’s profile. The solution I came up with was to just delete her profile. I figured “Windows will surely figure out how to get around that problem. It will just put me at the login screen. Because that would make sense from a good software functionality point of view.” I was wrong. It would just hang. Of course, this came up after I realized that I hadn’t backed up my 9K words. I ended up kit-bashing a solution of sorts, but it still wants to log in on to her account. I haven’t been able to find anything in help files that provides a solution.

    Well, I think I have about an hour of bookkeeping left to do still, then I’ll probably have lunch with the wife. Then I’ll be able to settle in and write. I’d like to spend some quality time with Jen, but I’m not sure what that will be. We do have Netflix DVDs on hand… My goal for this 3-day weekend is to get 9K in by the end of Monday. This will put me at 2K short of where I’m supposed to be.

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