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  1. zdashamber

    Doyce has been posting some Forge-translation stuff over at Random Encounters just recently… You could ask him for a leg up, I bet.

    I find their jargon so indescipherable that I find myself questioning whether they have anything worthwhile to say.

  2. mtfierce

    And while it’s a bit of a plug…

    We have several Forge regulars who are good “translators” over on the Masters’ Council. While we’re not doing design (which the Forge is probably one of the better places for) we do a lot of basic GMing stuff which is still related. You could also try the Cabbages and Kings forum – they’ve got some real designers there, although they’re pretty anti-Forge. (http://www.skyseastone.net/masters/ and http://www.cabbagesandkings.us/forum/ respectively…)

  3. cochese

    Re: And while it’s a bit of a plug…

    Could you give me a sense of what those are like before I go slogging in? =)

  4. mtfierce

    Re: And while it’s a bit of a plug…

    The Masters’ Council is pretty straight-forward – you’ll know a lot of the people on it, with a strong Amber contingent. I am administrating it and pushing a lot of the topics. We’re small with about a dozen or so regular posters, 625 posts so far. Easy to join since it’s small and friendly.

    Cabbages and Kings has a couple forums directly for some of the smaller publishers the forum administrator has contact with…and has done some work for or is interested in, which is nice. Much, much smaller board, but has some very sharp minds behind it. Not much on humour, though. [grinning]

  5. admin Post author

    Re: And while it’s a bit of a plug…

    The Masters’ Council, I now realize I stumbled across before. I’ve been actively avoiding certain people on the net, and I gave that a pass after reading a post about “talking sticks.”

    So, C&K is essentially the forum for a bunch of publishers? That doesn’t sound like a really good “open forum” on game design.

  6. cabbageking

    Re: And while it’s a bit of a plug…

    Cabbages & Kings is a forum for just folks. It has an area for talking games in general (design and/or play), two forums specific to Ronin Arts and Bayn.org, a section set aside for play-by-post games, and another for miscellaneous discussion. You’ll find it’s an intimate and pretty laid back place to do your talking, with some smart folks willing to discuss topics seriously without all the BS of the Forge or the sheer noise of RPGnet.

  7. mtfierce

    Bah. [sticks out tongue]

    If I were “actively avoiding certain people on the net” I wouldn’t talk to you because talks to you. [snort] The door is open and you’re welcome to come visit, and I’ll lay down the heavy sword of moderation if needed (which it won’t be: one of you will plonk the other and that’ll be that. [grinning])

    C&K is mostly a bunch of designers and think-tank gamers with publisher input. So far. It’s in a growth stage, I think. (But you won’t see Certain People there.)

  8. admin Post author

    Re: And while it’s a bit of a plug…

    Very well, on that recommendation, plus your lovely blog post that I read about someone leaving the Forge in an ugly fashion, I will visit C&K and check it out. Thanks for stopping by to give me the 411!

  9. admin Post author

    Re: Bah. [sticks out tongue]

    Let me think about it. Though I’m generally calm regarding unnamed individuals, I also don’t put myself into the line of fire with them either. When I have time I’ll poke around and see if it’s something I’m genuinely interested in once I get past my knee-jerk reaction.

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