State of the NaNo

I got up within a few hundred of being where I should be last night. I only need a couple thousand to be on target for the novel, but I’m going to try and get at least 4K in tonight.

The novel is turning out to be equal parts whacky and emotionally damaging. Last night I had a bit of awkward. While I went out to check and see if there were chalk marks on the car indicating that the parking nazis were watching my ass, I’d left my laptop on the couch I was sitting on between two of the people I knew. When I got back, I discovered that some musical chairs action had gone on and there was now some boy in his early teens sitting next to my spot.

Which would have been fine, except:

a. I’d just finished writing this pretty ugly scene of emotional and sexual blackmail that ended with fading to black on the beginnings of a sex scene.
b. The kid mentioned names of characters in my book that were visible on my screen in the scene that immediately followed it, with the sentence, “I know where you got those names. Solomon, Ophelia and stuff.” “Great,” I said, trying to give him the cold shoulder. The lsat thing I need is to get my chops busted because some kid saw something he shouldn’t have.

Note to self: don’t leave my screen up like that when writing the uglier scenes in the book.

As it was, the kid kept looking over my shoulder at stuff as I wrote. While it didn’t get as seedy as that one scene, it was still not age appropriate.

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