Writing War Journal, Day 8

Yesterday wasn’t very productive. I was working on the laptop at the girlfriend’s apartment while she was packing stuff up for the move. Didn’t get as much written. Better than last Friday at the apartment, but still not great. I’m not sure if it was the record high temperature making me uninterested in having a hot laptop on my lap or if it was just writing in a distracting environment. I’m inclined to the former.

Current Word Count: 60804
New Words: 405

Today – I’ve brought my laptop to work to try and squeeze in more words at lunch. Normally I’d reserve tht time for the gym, but I’ve had a bad cough since this heat wave started (?!) and so I’m trying to take it easy. Tonight is the type and gripe. We’re relocating to someone’s air conditioned house. This could be awesome.
Tomorrow – Will probably bring my laptop to work again to write at lunch Evening free to write, unless I try to get a head start on game prep for Sunday.
Saturday – Some free time in the morning, but may need to devote that to game prep for Sunday. Gaming in the afternoon. Helping girlfriend move stuff in the evening.
Sunday – Getting photos taken in the morning. Debating whether I should cancel the game in light of all this heat. Might be able to write afterwards, if I have any brain power left.
Monday – Either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will have dinner plans with a friend. Otherwise evening free to write.
Tuesday – Evening free to write.
Wednesday – Evening free to write.
Thursday – Evening free to write.
Friday – Dinner with friends.
Saturday – Going to the EMP/SciFi museum to see the Muppet exhibit in the afternoon, D&D in the evening. Should be able to squeeze writing in there.

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