Writing War Journal, Day 13


So, the weekend wasn’t a great success. I got some writing done at lunch, but the evening got swallowed by moving related activities. Saturday morning started off much earlier than I’d previously realized, so I didn’t get any writing done. I was utterly exhausted from moving furniture by the end, so no writing there either. Not getting any writing done also meant no game prep getting completed. So what time I had on Sunday was spent prepping for the game that I ran that day. After the game I was basically an exhausted lump. Monday I finally called in sick. I’ve been fighting off some bug for the last week and the girlfriend finally got me to see the doctor. I could have written during the day, but instead spent most of my day playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I’ve been fiending for some hot lightsaber action, and got sucked right in. But I did get some writing in last night, probably around 1500 words, while the girlfriend was playing Rock Band. So, not an utter waste.

I’ve been tracking my word count in a Google Docs spreadsheet. I made a chart. I set the top of it at 90,000 words. I saw how much I had to go before I was “done.” And then I cried a little bit.

I worry on a certain level that I’m not interested in the course the novel has taken. Or it could be I’m just feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Current Word Count: 63450
New Words: 1712

Today – Taking laptop to work with me. Assuming they don’t hear my cough and send me home early, I will write at lunch. If I go home early, I will try and write before getting sucked into The Force Unleashed. Evening free to write, but may be drafted to help with packing efforts.
Tomorrow – Again, assuming I’m sick but not too sick to go to work, I’ll write again at lunch. We have decided to make Wednesdays “date nights.” Mainly just quiet time watching movies together and not doing anything else.
Thursday – Writing at work. Evening free to write.
Friday – Writing at work. Dinner with friends.
Saturday – Going to the EMP/SciFi museum to see the Muppet exhibit in the afternoon. There is D&D in the evening. Should be able to squeeze writing in there. Probably in the morning.
Sunday – Might have a book club to go to in the morning. I think I’m being dragged by the girlfriend to help with the merch table at an Abney Park show. (It’s all ages. Tell you friends. Go to it. Come buy stuff.) Mixed in there I should be able to write in the afternoon.
Monday – Dinner with a friend. Unlikely to get writing done.
Tuesday – Writing at lunch. Appointment in the evening but I can write afterwards.
Wednesday – Date night.
Thursday – Writing at lunch and type and gripe in the evening.

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