Writing War Journal, Day 27

Really quick update before I start work.

I’ve spent the last two and a half weeks fighting off a bug. It got ugly, there were antibiotics eventually. I kept plugging away at writing. I’ve been mostly snatching time at lunch at work.

The words have not been coming well. I think part of it is an uncertainty of how to get from where I am to the end I have in mind. Which may be part of the problem. The goal of this book was to let my muse have full reign (rein?), but instead I’ve been trying to work towards a specific end at this point.

Another part of it is wondering if I’m taking this in the right direction. When I drew up to 50K, I came to realize that I had merely written a first act and that I needed to wrap it up with a second act. But the second act is a very different beast from the first act. I’ve mulled around ideas like being loose with the timeline, so that the second act is interwoven with the first act. But some of it could get really confusing.

The other option, which I’ve infrequently considered, is splitting it up into more than one book. Currently no single part is big enough to stand alone as a novel. But I could conceivably flesh out the first act and then draw out my current “second act” so that it could be a series of novels. I’m not sure if I want to do that. I don’t want to become the next George RR Martin…

I think, overall, my doubt is becoming overwhelming. I know of at least one person I could probably get a brutally honest opinion from, but I’m not sure I want to open that bag.

Current Word Count: 67008
New Words: 3558

Today – Writing at lunch. Helping the girlfriend move.
Tomorrow – Writing at lunch. Date night with the girlfriend.
Thursday – Writing at lunch. Epic writing in the evening!
Friday – Writing at lunch. Cleaning girlfriend’s old apartment.
Saturday – Movers are coming to move stuff into storage. Gaming in the evening. Some writing may occur in there.
Sunday – Gaming in the afternoon. Morning will be spent cleaning the apartment.
Monday – No writing at lunch. Hoping to renew gymming. May be doing more cleaning at the girlfriend’s apartment in the evening, but might get writing in.
Tuesday – Writing at lunch. Appointment in the early evening. Writing aftwards.
Wednesday – Girlfriend is out of town for work. Would like to goof off, should probably write.
Thursday – Girlfriend still out of town. Type and gripe in the evening.

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