Writing War Journal, Day 49

Due to a combination of events, I’ve failed to update this in a while. A big chunk of it is simply a cycle of “I forgot to note how many words I have” and “I know how many words I have, but don’t have time to update.

I’m not satisfied with my progress of late. 19 days, less than 3000 words. A thousand of that was written yesterday. Just nickel and diming this thing, when really I just want to club this down in a swift and brutal fashion. Bah. Most of my writing lately seems to be at work during lunch. Up until last week I still had something of a cough, so I skipped the gym. Now I stubbed my little toe and seem to have caused some lasting damage, so I’m waiting for that to heal.

What I’m utterly failing to do is write outside of work. My weekends have been full and I just haven’t been of a mind to focus on it. I think the girlfriend is right and I just need to keep up with this log so that I have a better sense of my progress instead of just ignoring it.

My current goal is to finish the first draft by the end of the month so I can shift my energy to a couple smaller projects. My target word count is about 70K. I should probably have more, since I have a couple big chunks I want to remove, but based off of current content I think 70K is viable. That’s a little over 700 words a day.

Current Word Count: 55020
New Words: +2800

Today – Will write at lunch. Tonight is date night and we will be seeing Wicked together.
Tomorrow – Writing at lunch, type and gripe in the evening.
Friday – Writing at lunch, gaming in the evening.
Saturday – Gaming in the afternoon. I’m sure I have something in the evening but can’t remember what. I can at least write in the morning. Need to also get something resembling game prep done for a game I’m running the next day.
Sunday – Coffee with a friend in the morning, gaming in the afternoon.
Monday – Exercise at lunch assuming my toe is better. Writing in the evening.
Tuesday – Writing at lunch. Dinner with a friend in the evening.
Wednesday – Exercise at lunch, assuming toe improvement. Date night in the evening.
Thursday – Writing at lunch and in the evening.
Friday – Exercise at lunch and writing in the evening.

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