Writing War Journal, Day 85

I haven’t written anything since last Friday. There wasn’t really time in St. Louis. The flight home was hectic and the evening filled with a million “catch-up chores.”

Because we had afterwork plans on Tuesday (Star Wars in Concert), I went to the gym instead of shlepping my laptop to work. I figured, “I’ll bring my laptop in the next day.” Then Tuesday a co-worker of mine, who I’ve been trying to get some Russian translations for The Young Prince and the Old Duke, asked if we could just meet over lunch and discuss the translations there instead of her having to sit down and write a reply email. “Sure!” I said.

Since it was raining pretty hard, I opted not to carry to laptop to the busstop. I figured, “Well, my lunch will be filled with a different writing activity.” And then I got asked if we could reschedule another day. I didn’t feel up for the gym, so I just futzed about on my lunch.

Today I’ve brought my laptop and gym clothes for maximum flexibility.

In other news, I’ve gotten signed re-registered for NaNoWriMo this year:

Not sure how I’ll handle updates between the War Journal or other updates. May just roll them together.

Debating whether I want to put an “Author bio” on there. I had to cook one up for Wily Writers that I could just drop in there. It’s just a matter of how much I want to turn this into “an opportunity to plug myself.” Similarly, there’s a few other pages I could put author profiles or Web links up at, like the Pen and Paper Database and e23. Again, how much do I want to clamor for attention? It’s this dislike of self-promoting that killed my online store. =T

I also have good news that I can’t share yet. Watch this space.

10 Day Forecast!

Today: Meeting with co-worker to discuss Russian translations. Plans in the evening.
Tomorrow: Writing at lunch. I’m ashamed that I still haven’t finished this short story after a few weeks now. Tat appointment in the evening, so no writing then.
Saturday: Writing during the day.
Sunday: Might get some writing done in the morning.
Monday: I have the day off. Looking to spend most of the day at the Wayward, typing my fingers off. If I manage to finish this current short, I have another one to crank out. I’m hoping to get both done before 11/1.
Tuesday: Writing at lunch. Appointment in the evening. Will either be writing or going to a plotting workshop a friend is organizing. It might be this day, it might be Wednesday. Not sure how much such prep will tie into my writing by the seat of my pants, but I figure it’s worth a look.
Wednesday: Gym at lunch. Either writing or going to that workshop in the evening.
Thursday: Writing at lunch and at type-and-gripe in the evening.
Friday: Um, I think I’m writing in the evening. Steamcon is this weekend. Not sure how much free time I’ll have.
Saturday: Hopefully some writing in here.

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