Writing War Journal, Day 89

First, gratuitous icon post. Saw this on the nano_icons community and had to have. It’s like the 21st century answer to Hemingway’s great white bull.

In other news, I finally finished the anthology submission for my friend Nate. It needs some revision, I’m sure, but the core story is done. I’m at the Wayward today to try and get some writing in.

Learned an important lesson on Saturday: It can take me some time to settle into writing. If I’m having to get up every 20-30 minutes to deal with laundry, especially when one load is causing lots of problems, then I’m not as productive. I don’t know how I manage to squeeze in 20 minutes at work. Maybe I’ve already gotten my other Internet distractions out of my system.

I have officially learned that I can share my exciting news November 1st. Yay!

I have a team of people to bounce ideas off of regarding setting for NaNoWriMo. I will also be attending one of Nathan Crowder’s plot building workshops. This may end up being the most thought I’ve put into NaNoWriMo. It could be awesome. It could be disastrous. The story is kinda burning bright in my mind, though, so I’m hoping that will allay my “need” to draw off of raw, chaotic muse.

I’m going to try and crank out one more short story before 11/1.

If you’re in Seattle and doing NaNo, I will be doing the HallowNaNoWeen thing at the Overlake Denny’s. I’ll also be at the Wayward for write-ins every Thursday. Join me!

10 Day Forecast!

Today: Trying to get more writing done.
Tomorrow: Writing at lunch. More writing in the evening.
Wednesday: Gym at lunch. Plotting workshop in the evening.
Thursday: Writing at lunch, type-and-gripe in the evening.
Friday: Gym at lunch. Evening plans pre-empted by KITTEN.
Saturday: Steamcon?
Sunday: Gaming. Might write in the morning.
Monday: Gym at lunch. Writing in the evening?
Tuesday: Writing at lunch and in the evening?
Wednesday: Gym at lunch. Date night in the evening.

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    Well, the whole community has icons, not just the one post with BSG spoilers. Do you want a BSG specific icon? Or just a NaNo icon?

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