Award Season

A couple writer friends of mine did this, and I figured I’d follow suit. I dithered for a few weeks before deciding to post this. I generally hate tooting my own horn, so it was an effort to overcome my reluctance.

As originally posted by Angel Leigh McCoy:

“Members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) vote for the Nebulas.

Members of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) vote for the Bram Stokers.

These awards are among the most coveted by writers because they’re awarded by their peers.

If the org’s members don’t know that you have a piece that is eligible, they’re less than likely to read it, much less nominate it or vote for it.”

So, in the interest of disclosure, I have two fantasy shorts that I think are eligible to be nominated. In the off chance, you know, that a card-carrying member of the SFWA happens to read one of my shorts and swoon with delight over it. I don’t think either of my eligible pieces count as “horror,” and they lean pretty heavy overall towards “fantasy” rather than “sci fi.”

“A Crazy Kind of Love,” my tale of inter-species star-crossed “romance,” appeared in the February 2009 issue of Crossed Genres and has been picked up to represent the Romance genre in the first anthology collection.

“A Tale of Two Bureaucracies,” my tongue-in-cheek tale contrasted a mortal government agency responsible for the protection of a sealed portal into Hell and an infernal government agency responsible for regulating attempts to break out. It appeared in the April 2009 issue of Crossed Genres.

As best I can tell, my story from the December 2008 issue is not eligible for nomination.

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