Goal Setting

It’s been nearly a month since NaNo ended. I have been giving myself a break from the novel after the hectic pace of November. But now that rest period is over, and I’m trying to consider what step to take next. I’ve been working on a short story submission for Crossed Genres, but I want to get back to one of my bigger projects. I spent so much time last year working on short stories that my novel languished uncompleted. But some stuff has come to my attention that I’m considering trying to do. This has resulted in a timeline, which I will put behind the cut.

December 31, 2009: This is the due date for early registration for Norwescon. I’m looking to attend cons more this year with a long term eye towards networking. I have no clue how to do “networking,” but peers of mine doing so I’m hoping to learn. This is also the “late deadline” for the writing workshop at Norwescon. The convention has an opportunity for writers to have their writing critiqued in a workshop, but the due date was December 20th. I didn’t learn about it till a few days ago. They have a “late deadline” for those who don’t make the first deadline, but there’s no promise that you will be included in the workshop. So, I’m going to see if I can get something together. Looking at tutorials on how to write novel synopses has me a little intimidated.

This is also the due date for the short story I’m working on. I’m on the final draft, so that should be viable.

January 15-17, 2010: Rustycon. This is the first con of the year, so it’s the first con I’ll be trying to attend. I’ll probably only be there Friday and Saturday. No idea what to expect or what I’ll do. It’s a recon mission.

February 19: The Pacific Northwest Writers Association has an annual literary contest. Among the categories for submission are “Short Story” and “Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel.” The cash prizes are nice, but finalists also have their stuff available for agents and editors at the yearly conferience. The 19th is the due date for this contest.

March 1: I’m trying to arrange financing with an eye towards applying for Clarion West this year. I have no idea if I stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting accepted, and I’m still waiting to see if I can afford it. (Which is to say: I’ve asked my mom for help paying for it.) And, holy crap, I just noticed that there are only 18 people accepted for Clarion. That’s not intimidating at all. March 1 is the due date for applications.

March 25-28: Ambercon US. Not really a writing event, but preparing to GM at this convention and attending will impact my writing schedule.

March 31: This is the due date for submissions on the Eastern issue of Crossed Genres. I have two short stories I’m brewing for this that I will need to get done over the next three months.

April 1-4: Norwescon. I’m looking to try and attend the full weekend. No clue what I’m doing.

April 30: This is the early bird registration deadline for the World SciFi Convention in Reno in 2011. This is on the “tentative” list.

June 4-6: Crypticon, currently on the “tentative list.”

June 20-July 30: If I manage to make it into Clarion West, it will fall here.

July 22-25: The Pacific Northwest Writers Association is having a conference. On the tentative list.

July 30-August 1: Spocon, on the tentative list.

September 24-26: Foolscap, which I plan on attending.

November 1: NaNoWriMo kicks off.

So… long story short, it looks like the next few months are packed.

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  1. admin Post author

    Good! You’ve just volunteered to help me get my contest materials together and help me figure out what short stories to submit as samples for Clarion if I get the money to go.

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