Quick bits.

Got my pre-order copies of the Crossed Genres Year One. Pretty excited to have it in hand. Got some extra copies, and I’m trying to decide what to do with them. At least one is being sent to a friend who does book reviews. Another is going to my mom. I have two others I need to decide on.

As part of Crossed Genre‘s Post a Story for Haiti, I put up Golden Apples for people to read. There is a donation link for Doctors Without Borders if you feel generous.

Went to my first member meeting for PNWA. The place was packed, likely because the meeting featured a local agent who was going to talk about writing synopses. This was a hot topic, since PNWA has a literary contest coming up and novelists are expected to provide a synopsis. The agent set off a bit of alarm when she gave some… non-standard advice regarding the topic. There was a lot of good advice, though, and I’m starting to feel a little intimidated by my own work on my synopsis.

That’s it for now. I’m going to stumble off to bed.

8 thoughts on “Quick bits.

  1. admin Post author

    Yeah, I was delighted to get mine. I got mine before Nathan.

    My immediate thoughts were:

    – The cover art is awesome.

    – I’m horribly jealous of Nathan for getting a back cover excerpt. (We’re friends and are two of the three “founders” of our regular type-and-gripe. As soon as I saw it I frantically started texting him. “DUUUUDE!” He already knew and was wanting to surprise us with it.)

    – It wasn’t what I expected it to look like. Part of that is weird expectations on my part, probably. But the physical aspects of the book were a bit different from what I’m used to seeing.

    I haven’t read any of it yet. (I still haven’t read Nathan’s short, which makes me a lousy friend.) Dawn’s going to read through it ASAP. I’m also sending a copy off to a friend who does book reviews.

  2. cgmod

    Heh, well Nathan knew because I asked him about it before making it so.I actually hadn’t realized at the time that you guys were friends, but that’s a great story to tell!

    I know the book is a bit oddly proportioned, thanks to it being 6×9 (trade PB size) instead of the size of a regular pb. But look at it this way: the printers charge by the page. If we’d made the length/height smaller, it would have taken more pages, which means it’s more expensive, which means we have to charge more. We decided to stick with 6×9 to keep the price down.

    We’re looking forward to the reviews! (And an Amazon review or three would be welcome too!)

  3. scarywhitegirl

    It occurred to me that my review can actually go on my blog and on Associated Content, which means I’m taking a copy with me and reading it on the plane, and then frantically writing on Monday evening. :)

  4. admin Post author

    I am familiar with TPB size, I just wan’t expecting it. And when I stopped to think about that and some of the things that looked odd to me, it did occur to me that the choices were made to reduce cost.

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