Covered in bees!

The last week has felt a little nuts. Here’s assorted updates and notes.

Amazon had said when they entered my venue into their system that it could take 1-3 days before it appeared on their site. And it took closer to three. But it did show up and I was able to use it.

The Goodreads giveaway worked out very well, I think. The person who won the book looks like she is inclined to enjoy SF/F. I was a little worried, since it seemed like there were a lot of people signing up for it that just wanted something free, but were otherwise interested in stuff like James Patterson. So, I think it’s going to a good home. I’m totally doing this again in the future when I have something in print.

I finally touched bases with my mom, and Clarion/Clarion West is not even theoretically in the cards. I opened the box, and Schrodinger’s cat is dead. She felt, quite reasonably, that Clarion was a bit big to go at straight off. But she was willing to fund another workshop. I’m going to try and get an application in to Jim Gunn’s SF Writer’s Workshop in Kansas. Work is not pleased with me trying to take two weeks off in July. My alternate plan is Viable Paradise, which work favors more. VP seems a bit more expensive, but it’s also shorter and I could conceivably use vacation for it. Hergh.

I’ve been shuffling around my writing plans for the next few weeks, in part because of this. I’ve decided that I want to polish up “With Fans Like These, Who Needs Enemies?” for the PNWA literary contest. Which is changing horses midstream. But the other story I had planned for it was also something I was originally working up for Crossed Genres. So, I’m shelving that story for a couple weeks while I cram to get my novel and short story submission in shape for the contest.

Into this I also need to write something for class. I could recycle something, but I’d like to start fresh. I had hoped that one of the upcoming genres for Crossed Genre’s tickled my fancy. And they even added a couple more months into their forecasted genres. But I’m not feeling it. I’m thinking about sending off “Snowflake War Journal” for their “Invasion” issue. But I’m not feeling the love for either “Coming of Age” or “Lies.”

I need to start brainstorming short story ideas. I want to try and get more short stories cranked out, so I’m hoping that after class is over in 8 weeks I’ll be able to really produce. I also need to try and beat some sense into one of my novels.

Okay. I’ve dilly-dallied enough. I need to go write.

3 thoughts on “Covered in bees!

  1. Anonymous

    Thought from a Clarion applicant

    Hi. Stumbled across your blog looking for Clarion talk on Icerocket. I can totally understand both the money and time costs of Clarion/Clarion West, especially since you’ll apparently have to duck out on a job.


    When i crunched the numbers, Viable Paradise would cost _almost_ as much for one week as CW does for six. (Martha’s Vineyard ain’t cheap.) Big as they seem, getting into one of the Clarions says a lot about your writing. Applying isn’t free, of course, but it’s not as prohibitive as going. And if you get in…then decide if it’s worth the cost.

    Not that I need more competition for a spot. :) If going to the workshop is impossible, it is a waste of money to even apply, though it might not be a waste of money to find out if you could get in. But it’s Schrodinger’s Cat again; sometimes you’d rather not know.

    Anyway, I had that two cents lying on the table and thought I’d toss it your way. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


  2. admin Post author

    Re: Thought from a Clarion applicant

    Yeah, I realized that the Martha’s Vineyard thing was a bit pricy to stay at. If I’d gone that route, I was probably going to see if I can find a roommate.

    The added hidden cost for me with the Clarions is really the time off from work. I can manage a week or two with my vacation. But six weeks is three paychecks for me. I might be able to offset it some with vacation time, but I’d still be losing a lot of money by not being able to work.

    I haven’t had time to update since I made this post, but I did get accepted into the workshop in Kansas. It’s two weeks and under a thousand for tuition and housing. So hopefully that should work out okay for me. Now I just have to feel brave enough. =(

  3. admin Post author

    Re: Thought from a Clarion applicant

    Oh, and thank you for that thoughts. I appreciate you taking the time to offer your insight into the subject.

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