Newsily bits.

The main news is not about me, but rather about my special lady friend. She has had her first piece of fiction published by Crossed Genres. I encourage you to take a moment and check out her steampunk story, The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue.

Wily Writers has a story up by Jeff Grub. I guess they’re kind of a big deal now or something. =)

I have pretty much finished my short for my class workshop. It has patches I’m not certain about, but I don’t know how to fix them. I figure I’ll offer it up to the workshopping gods, and see what happens. I had intended to submit this to Crossed Genres, but it was based off of the assumption that their genre “Gadgets & Artifacts” also had “Toys” in the name. But either I misremembered or they changed it. I’ll see what their more robust description says in a month. =P

The check is apparently in the mail for the game I wrote some five years ago. The pitches by the game company for other stuff they’d like me to work on haven’t tickled my fancy as yet.

I spent Saturday not doing a lick of writing. Instead, I played some video games I hadn’t gotten to in a while. It was GLORIOUS.

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  1. cgmod

    You aren’t remembering wrong: It used to say “Gadgets/Toys/Tech”. We changed it because 1) it was cumbersome, and 2) we thought it might not be clear. Ironically, “Gadgets and Artifacts” was supposed to encompass more flexibility, not less.

    For clarification: the Gadget or Artifact in question should be an SF or F item that is integral to the plot. If it’s a toy, that’s fine so long as it’s an SF/F toy and isn’t in the background.

    Maybe I’ll put up a little better explanation on the site now, since “Gadgets & Artifacts” is obviously not very self-explanatory.

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