Hip deep in evil.

I’ve gotten two pieces off my check list submitted. I already heard back from K.C. Ball regarding my submission to 10 Flash. She hasn’t accepted it, but she asked for me to resubmit with some changes. So that’s promising. I’ve got until mid-May to do that. I’ve got my submission in to Crossed Genres. It closes doors tonight at midnight (Eastern time). Probably sometime within the next week I’ll get word. I feel really good about this piece, but that’s never been a promising sign in the past. =P

It would be nice to have something new on the airwaves. It’s been six months since I’ve gotten something picked up and a couple months since anything new has appeared, in part because I haven’t been as productive with class and all.

I decided not to submit to Fantasy Magazine. I want to get some more pieces workshopped before I shoot for that, and focus my energies elsewhere.

Haven’t gotten further with my Rock is Dead submission. It’s been hard to focus with the girlfriend out of town all last week. As an added bonus, I’ve come down with the crud. (Yes, that’s a technical term.) Spent most of yesterday playing Bioshock 2 and sucking on cough drops. Beat the game, for what it’s worth. Awesome game and story, and I would nominate it for the argument against “video games are not art.” I wouldn’t call the whole thing art, but parts of it were very moving and I can’t imagine another format to present it in.

But I digress.

I’ve got my Rock is Dead story, my necromancy story. I’ve got a novel to beat into shape. All of this has to happen over the next month or two.

I’ve been re-working my Web site. I decided I’d feel better with something that looked like it was designed after the 1990s. WordPress has been pretty nifty. Hopefully I’ll have that live in a few days.

That is all for now. Go forth and be merry.

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