State of the Honeydew

At the Wayward trying to write this morning, but having trouble focusing. Figure I’ll review my to-do list and see what needs my attention.

Part of what I’ve been doing is just hitting some low hanging fruit just to get things off my plate. So, taking stories that are damn near done and getting them done done.

I’ll italicize the items I’ve updated.

6/14/2010: Submit my three stories for workshopping in Kansas. 85% James Gunn sent out an email, setting the day more specifically at the 14th than “mid June.” I’ve sent off my shorts to people, to see if they have suggestions about how I can look at the stories differently.

6/30/2010: Wily Writer’s “Song” issue. 0%

6/30/2010: Crossed Genres “Invasion” issue. 95% It’s sent off to the girlfriend for proofing.

6/30/2010: Crossed Genres “Science in my Fiction” contest. (I wasn’t going to submit, but I have the kernel of an idea for a story based off an article the girlfriend showed me.)

6/30/2010: Pill Hill Press’s Flesh & Bones: Rise of the Necromancers anthology. 0%

6/30/2010: Finish first draft of novel. 80%

7/1/2010: Hallow’s Eve Press Steampunk anthology. 0% Realized that my previous idea wouldn’t work for this. Have another idea for a story, but no plot as yet.

7/4/2010 – 7/18/2010: SF Writer’s Workshop and Campbell Conference

7/13/2010: Blood Bound Books’ Rock & Roll is Dead anthology. 90%

7/22/2010 – 7/25/2010: PNWA Summer conference.

8/1/2010: Timid Pirate Press’s Cobalt City Timeslip anthology. 95% Finished first draft, sent it to girlfriend to proof.

9/20/2010: Horror Flash Fiction anthology.

9/24/2010 – 9/26/2010: Foolscap.

10/31/2010: Top Secret Project A

11/1/2010 – 11/30/2010: NaNoWriMo. (I need to do this, if only to shake off the dust and limber up, get back to writing for pleasure than writing for deadlines.)

11/4/2010 – 11/7/2010: Ambercon Northwest.

11/30/2010: Start looking for guidelines for the Norwescon Fairwood Writing Workshop.

11/30/2010: Contact RustyCon about becoming a panelist.

1/14/2011: RustyCon.

7/31/2011: Wicked East Press’s Once Bitten, Never Die anthology.

No Due Date:

– Submit “Thus Have I Heard” to Residential Aliens.

– Submit story to Writers of the Future

2 thoughts on “State of the Honeydew

  1. zdashamber

    I figure it’s a lot better to have a larger font and more space between paragraphs than a page crammed with text. I think people are getting used to the internet, where paragraphs are best read when shorter. But I’m not a professional designer, of course…

  2. admin Post author

    Well, in general simple words, short sentences and short paragraphs increase readability. Compare Lovecraft to most popular modern writers. BESM is a lot denser style than I’m looking to make. I mean, I think my copy of BESM 2e is probably about 8 pt. font with very little illustration. I’ll probably just need to get someone to put it all together look at it.

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