Kansas! Day Eight

It is the weekend, which the short story workshoppers have “off” and the novelists do not. I’m still playing catchup with reading and have to upload my short story revisions today. But otherwise it’s been a lazy day of doing laundry and looking for coffee. The local coffee stand is closed on the weekends and the cafeteria doesn’t open until 11 (“Brunch”).

Friday we read aloud the opening scene to either one of the stories we had gotten critiqued earlier in the week or a new creation. Either way it had to apply the things we had learned over the last several days. I feel much better about my opening, though it still needed some work after that. Dinner was at Yello Sub because we were feeling kinda cheap. We had frozen custard at Freddy’s Frozen Custard.

Yesterday was spent mostly working. In the evening we went to Thai House and got ice cream at Sylas and Maddy’s.

We’ve had sign-ups for events to do this weekend, but not much of the events have taken place. Not sure if they will. =( On the other hand, Kij Johnson has exposed me to Tom Jones doing a duet with Nina Persson of The Cardigans. I feel… unclean. And so I must share.

15 thoughts on “Kansas! Day Eight

  1. vretallin

    Are there any places nearby a vegan can survive? That’s one thing I have started to think about as the Cambpell Conferences nears.

  2. admin Post author

    Mmmmaybe? I’ve noticed the cafeteria has explicit vegetarian options. Not sure about vegan. There’s a co-op grocery nearby, though, which presumably has vegan options.

  3. vretallin

    LOL I can probably manage then. It sounded like there were some places listed on the web site that I could find something. That and bring along some things to munch on.

  4. rose_lemberg

    A vegan can survive. The cafeteria has plenty of vegan options, and Ingredient, a local restaurant downtown, has great vegan salads and soups. The Merc (the co-op grocery Jeremy mentioned) has plenty of vegan snacks (and vegan yogurt, vegan ice cream, etc), as well as a salad bar and a sushi bar where you can find vegan sushi. If you are starving, let me know :) (I am local and am equipped to cook vegan dishes).

  5. vretallin

    Oh awesome. Thank you very much. I have to be Gluten Free, HCFS free, mostly soy free, and of course, animal protein free. Eating out and traveling gets interesting. LOL. I can cheat a little on most things except vegan.

  6. vretallin

    I was originally scheduled to get in on Thursday, but they lost my registration. I am confirming with Ms. Ash if I can still come in then or if it will be Friday morning.

    My biggest challenges are lunches and dinners. Breakfasts I can cover easily and snacks. I’m only just beginning to really think about it. LOL.

    I am going to bake some blueberry oatmeal breakfast bars. I’ll bring some quinoa along that I can soak and mix with nuts and since there’s a local store I can maybe grab a small amount of greens to mix into a Teff wrap I have. I just wasn’t sure how far away the store is or how much time I would have from the conference schedule to get things. Makes it difficult to plan foods.

  7. rose_lemberg

    I hope you are using gluten-free oats, as regular oatmeal has gluten.

    I can make you some millet and buckwheat entrees (or quinoa, if you’d rather) for Friday and Saturday (when are you leaving)? I can bring them to Lewis.

  8. vretallin

    Oh wow…I happily accept, only if it’s not going to be a burden for you. I really don’t want to impose.

    Let me know how much I’d owe you if you are able to. I leave on Sunday.

    I do use Gluten Free Oatmeal.

  9. rose_lemberg

    Awesome, not a burden at all as I cook these foods anyway. And you don’t owe me anything :) It’s horrible to be GF and travel. Just please tell me what is HCFS?

  10. vretallin

    LOL I transposed the letter. I have avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup. It’s getting easier to do that these days at least.

    Thank you very much. It’s GF is hard, Vegan and GF and non-soy is the worst. Everyone assumes you eat tofu…ah no. LOL.Or I get told, “Oh they have salads” as if that is all I want or need to eat. Chuckle.

    I’m massage therapist, you’ll have to let me work on you at least. :)

  11. rose_lemberg

    Cool, I made some foodstuffs for you. When shall we meet? I can come to Lewis pretty early and would actually prefer that, if this is possible for you.

    Jeremy, do you know where the fridge is? We should put the stuff in there. It shouldn’t spoil but refrigerating would probably be a good idea.

    See you both soon,

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