Running with Chainsaws

Before I dig in with this, I’d like to give a hearty hurrah for Ann Charles, who has just won the Daphne du Maurier award in the unpublished division. Not only did Nearly Departed in Deadwood take first place in the “Mainstream Mystery/Suspense” category, but she was also the overall Daphne winner for that division. Rock on!

My big hurrah coming up is my first honest-to-gosh reading. This is the official blurb:

An Evening of Authors, Wayward Coffeehouse, August 21, 7-10pm.
Hosted by Jennifer Brozek and Nate Crowder. Come to an evening of authors and good coffee at Wayward Coffeehouse. We will be reading from recent and forthcoming releases, answering questions and generally having a good time. Come one, come all and enjoy an evening with your local authors. Find out what’s next. Authors include: Cat Rambo, Rosemary Jones, Keffy R. M. Kehrli, Alma Alexander, Nate Crowder, Jeremy Zimmerman, R. Schuyler Devin, Leah Cutter, Sunder Cameron Addams and Angela Korra’ti.

I don’t recognize all of those names, but the ones I do are people I sat on the other side of the table from during panels at Norwescon. I’m a little stunned to be amongst such luminaries. Holy mackerel.

Less auspicious is that I’ve received five rejections in a row. Two of them encouraged me to submit to them again. Two were people I’ve submitted to in the past and will probably submit to again in the future. One told me the anthology will not be coming out after all. D’oh. Two of my rejections came in today. After a night of fitful sleep because my bedroom is an oven right now, the rejections hit me a bit harder than they might normally. One of these five also qualifies as my fastest rejection ever. I’ve never been turned down the same day before.

And now, the honeydew.

8/1/2010: Timid Pirate Press’s Cobalt City Timeslip antholgoy 100%. This has been submitted.

8/4/2010: Blood Bound Books’ Rock & Roll is Dead anthology. 100%. This has been submitted and rejected.

8/10/2010: Edits for Cobalt City Timeslip due. 100%. This has been submitted.

8/15/2010: Character creation for the next game I’m running.

9/20/2010: Horror Flash Fiction anthology.

9/24/2010 – 9/26/2010: Foolscap.

9/30/2010: Next deadline for Writers of the Future. I’m trying to beat Fun and Games into shape with the thought of sending it off.

10/25/2010: This is the due date for Dark Wine and Stars’ Steam Dreams Punk Baby anthology. I’ll try and submit “In the Cards” here after getting some people to read it through.

10/31/2010: Top Secret Project A

11/1/2010 – 11/30/2010: NaNoWriMo.

11/4/2010 – 11/7/2010: Ambercon Northwest.

11/25/2010 – 11/29/2010: Thanksgiving. It’s looking increasingly like I’ll be in Kansas City over the holiday weekend.

11/30/2010: Start looking for guidelines for the Norwescon Fairwood Writing Workshop.

11/30/2010: Contact RustyCon about becoming a panelist.

1/14/2011: RustyCon.

7/31/2011: Wicked East Press’s Once Bitten, Never Die anthology.

No Due Date:

– Edit Submit “Thus Have I Heard” to Residential Aliens.

– Edit “All Fun and Games” with the aim of sending it to pro markets.

– Re-write “With Fans Like These” and get feedback with anticipation of sending it to pro markets.

3 thoughts on “Running with Chainsaws

  1. vretallin

    Congrats on the reading. Enjoy. and I tend to be in town over T-day weekend. If you’re in KC Proper maybe we can get together. If not, I understand how Holiday times go.

  2. scarywhitegirl

    We will be in North KC (if you’re familiar with Briarcliff Village, I think my sister and her family live less than a mile from there). We won’t have a rental car, and my sister has already made a schedule for our time there, but I think we aren’t booked the entire time. :)

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