Announcements! Progress! Cake!

Okay, I’ll admit up front that the cake is a lie. You had to have seen that coming.

First off, my long time friend Joanne Uppendahl has put out a collection of her poetry called She Sho Gathers Stones. I’ve ordered my copy and you may be inclined to order it as well.

In more local to me news, I got a mention in my neighborhood blog. Because, you know, neighborhood newsletters are so last century. The article is about the launch of the Cobalt City Timeslip anthology, which I have a story in. There is also a reading and signing event at Wayward Coffeehouse on Ocotber 9th from 7-10. The girlfriend and I won’t be able to make it due to a conflicting engagement, but all the rest of the authors should be. You can also Pre-order the book here.

I’ve submitted a story to a pro market finally and received a rejection. This was one of the most discouraging rejections to date. Not only did they get my name wrong, but when offering feedback on the story they confused it with another piece they had read. I’ve turned around and re-submitted elsewhere. So here’s to hoping.

And now, the honeydew.

9/15/2010: Cthulhurotica submissions are due. 100% And I’ve already gotten my rejection.

9/20/2010: Horror Flash Fiction anthology. Decided against this one due to time constraints.

9/24/2010 – 9/26/2010: Foolscap.

9/28/2010: Romance short story contest is due! 90% I’ve sent it around for feedback and hope to get it sent in soon.

9/30/2010: The Edge of Propuinquity is doing a call for authors to do a 12 part serial. Jennifer Brozek is an awesome person and I’d love to have the chance to work with her, so I’m going to try and get this in.

9/30/2010: Next deadline for Writers of the Future. God, I totally spaced on this. I may have to shoot for the next deadline. I didn’t include this deadline on my work tracking spreadsheet so I spaced on it with other deadlines in the looming.

10/25/2010: This is the due date for Dark Wine and Stars’ Steam Dreams Punk Baby anthology. I’ve gotten some people to read In the Cards for me. Now I just need to polish and send out.

10/31/2010: Top Secret Project A

10/31/2010: Due date for vigilante theme at Wily Writers.

10/31/2010: Need to have outline for NaNoWriMo done.

11/1/2010 – 11/30/2010: NaNoWriMo.

11/4/2010 – 11/7/2010: Ambercon Northwest.

11/15/2010: Deadline for In Situ anthology from Dagan Books.

11/20/2010: Deadline for horror erotica anthology from Blood Bound. I’m going to darken up my rejected Cthulhurotica piece (Sense of Self) and send it off.

11/25/2010 – 11/29/2010: Thanksgiving. I will be in Kansas City.

11/30/2010: Deadline for Assassins Anthology. Only need first 500 words. Dude.

11/30/2010: Deadline for 20Spec anthology.

11/30/2010: Start looking for guidelines for the Norwescon Fairwood Writing Workshop.

11/30/2010: Contact RustyCon about becoming a panelist. Done, but so far no response.

12/5/2010: Due date for plant-based horror anthology.

12/15/2010: Due date for Timid Pirate’s biopunk anthology.

12/31/2010: Due date for Crossed Genre’s Tragedy issue.

1/3/2011: Due date for Innsmouth Free Press’s historical Cthulhu

1/14/2011: RustyCon.

1/31/2011: Due date for Crossed Genre’s Superhero issue.

2/28/2011: Due date for Crossed Genre’s Mystery issue.

7/31/2011: Wicked East Press’s Once Bitten, Never Die anthology.

No Due Date:

– Edit and Submit “Thus Have I Heard” to Residential Aliens. No recent progress. I’m wondering if I should just send what I had before my attempted rewrite or send something else thatmay fit.

– Edit “All Fun and Games” with the aim of sending it to pro markets. This needs another pass.

– Re-write “With Fans Like These” and get feedback with anticipation of sending it to pro markets.

– Revise “A Christmas Sutra”

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