In the words of John Carter: I live!

It’s been pretty hectic for the last couple months. Slamming words onto virtual paper in order to meet deadlines and get ready for NaNoWriMo, three trips to the emergency room, two conventions, and a trip out of state for Thanksgiving didn’t help my schedule any. So I’m doing lots of catch up right now.

Currently I have two short stories in submission limbo. One of the markets may have disappeared, another I have learned to be notoriously slow at responding to submissions. Received a rejection for the piece I submitted for Secret Project A. I still can’t really say what it was, aside from an invitation only anthology. Not getting accepted stung a bit more than my blind submissions I’ve sent off, but at the very least the rejection confirmed some problems with the story that I had been uncertain if I should try and address. Clearly I should have considered it more strongly.

Under my paranormal romance alter ego I’ve had a lot going on. Her semi-finalist story, “Something Fishy,” is available in a free eBook anthology called Just One Bite, Volume 3. She’s been writing book reviews and other stuff for Associated Content and also worked on a novel length version of “Something Fishy” for NaNoWriMo. With all the chaos in November, she just barely hit 50K, and has a lot more left to write.

My other project I’ve kicked off recently is The Televised Revolt, under another pseudonym. It’s a parody activism site, that I hope is a little subversive in its own way. This was a project I had originally started a few years ago but had let it go fallow. Now I’ve got it under a new blog and have kicked off a campaign to “Remember the Reason for the Season,” during which I will celebrate all the different holidays, Christian or otherwise, during the month of December. I encourage you to “Like” it on FaceBook.

Once this is over, I’m going to try and get “Save Nicodemus Day” going again. Really, these are the issues that really matter.

On the horizon I’ve got a few other things going on. I’ve been invited to work up a script for a podcast radio play. I’ll be doing an interview with the Genre Traveler later this month. With NaNo over we’re kicking off some work for our Arkham PD project. And I’ve got more story deadlines looming over my head, so I need to do a honeydew post.

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