The Ongoing HFCS Saga

This marks week two of removing high fructose corn syrup. I’m down another 3 pounds to 327. Did some good this week, did some bad. Commentary behind the MOAR.

I was potentially bad last weekend, as I was at Foolscap and ate at restaurants nearby. I tried to make the best choices I could without having access to nutrition info. Plus I just spaced on it a few times. Tully’s Mocha Bellacino? Probably guilty. Bottom shelf margarita at a Mexican restaurant? Probably uses margarita mix, which probably has HFCS. But I did learn that my favorite breakfast sandwich at Diva Espresso was mislabeled and actually has no HFCS (Yay Thomas English Muffins!), so that made me feel happier.

I got in a little exercise this last week. Twice we did a leisurely walk down to our local lake, spending about half an hour doing so. This includes time to stand by the water and watch the ducks and geese for a few minutes. My wife got me hooked on the Yelp app, which allows you to check in places and earn titles for stores and neighborhoods. I’ve avoided this sort of thing for a while, but once my wife got involved then so did I. Though it lacks a fundamental knowledge of British peerage and puts a Baron above a Duke, it’s sort of fun going places and working to become the Duke of a store. I bring this up because you can check in at local parks. So our big motivation for going to the park has been grinding at the game to become the Duke or Duchess of Bitter Lake Park. We’ve also found other parks in the area that we can check into for this purpose.

I’ve also gotten some incidental “exercise” thanks to one of our cats. He’s been having some health issues which have resulted in trips to the vet and being fed in isolation. He’s very skittish and on most occasions I’ve only been able to corral him by herding him back and forth across the living room until he’s too exhausted to run, which means I walk back and forth across the living room for 10 minutes. Not the most intensive work out, but it at least helps me wake up when I’ve gotten out of bed at 4:30 AM to deal with feeding the cats.

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