Tentative Schedule for Norwescon 2015

I’ve been invited to Norwescon as a panelist for the first time, and I’m super excited! I’ve received my tentative schedule, which I’m providing below. Times and dates are subject to change. I’m also not including the two instances of the the writing workshop, where I’ll be participating as a pro. (Yay!)

Thu 15:00-16:00
Worldwide Dead

Not every ghost is an American Civil War soldier or Victorian spinster. The cultures and folklore of unquiet dead from around the world bring a spirit all their own to horror.

Thu 18:00-19:00
The Power of Free

Selling’s a slog, but giving stuff away is easy… and it can actually boost your sales. Harness the power of giveaways to better serve your fanbase and build your readership.

Thu 20:00-21:00
Gamer Etiquette: Use Your Words

Personal conflicts? Scheduling hassles? Trying to sort out what snacks to bring and who helps clean up afterwards? In game conflicts that brew into out of game unpleasantness? We should talk about this, and our panelists will.

Fri 10:30-11:00
Reading: Jeremy Zimmerman

Untitled Kensei Sequel – The sequel to Jeremy’s first novel, a tale of young superheroes and the burdens of family legacies. Rated PG

Fri 15:00-16:00
Short Stories: At the Cutting Edge of SF

Novels may get more attention, but short fiction has many advantages, and much of the best fiction, both inside and outside of the genre has been short. Join us as we look at some of the best short fiction of recent years and how the Internet has revitalized the market for short fiction.

Sat 15:00-16:00
Autograph Session 2

Twenty authors in a room to sign things.

Sat 19:00-20:00
Top 15 Best GM Habits

Work with the panelists to define the best game master tricks and methods to create and manage the best games.

Sun 11:00-12:00
The Next Generation: Gaming with Kids (as Moderator!)

Games for the younger generation. What are good starter board, card, electronic, and tabletop roleplaying games for the young people in your life, and what can they help us teach them?

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