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July 9, 2006

"He's a 'hot' dog!"
-Tori, regarding Cre

Katie: I tried to slug pure evil. I think that makes me purer than all of you.
Megan: "Pure" my ass. You're dating Chaos!

Amber Date: November 20, First Year of Gérard's Regency

[Note: Events in this session were poorly noted, as things progressed well beyond the GMs notes. He is reconstructing as best he can several weeks after the fact.]

This session opened on a ball at Arbor House near Baylesport, hosted by the Baron Bayle himself. While everyone was enjoying the exploits of Sir Reginald, who spoke at length about his exploits in butterfly catching, things took a turn for the worse when a briefly-pregnant Alanna found that her mucus plug had come out. It got even uglier when it turned out that the punch had been spiked and some attractive woman had slipped Cre a drink with powdered silver.

As members of the waitstaff and guests drew blades to beat up the drug-addled scions of Amber, Alanna went into labor. Zephyr's sword opened up a portal back to Zephyr's homeland through a mirror, but Zephyr decided against fleeing there.

Cre, deciding that ingesting silver was no problem, turned into his battle form and went insane as the silver burned through his stomach.

In the midst of all this, Alanna went into full tilt labor and was taken back to the castle. The leaders of the attacking group commented cryptically that their father said, "Hello." Then they also left.

A servant tried to steal the baby, but was thwarted by Eric Draven.

Zephyr was called in by Vincent to settle up past accounts that Zephyr had tried to bill to Draven's account. Zephyr was made to clean up a room coated in blood and meat. He discovered that his sword was all too happy to do the work for him, and in return opened a doorway to Zephyr's home Shadow in the reflection on the top of a bucket. Zephyr discovered that a war had broken out between the High and Night Elves, and after a number of deaths Zephyr had become the king. The city-sized tree of the Night Elves had been destroyed.

Dayle contacted Draven to let him know that Zephyr's sword was cursed. Draven contacted Zephyr to pass along the warning. The two of them tried to use the sonic powers of Draven's guitar to destroy the sword. There is a vast explosion and both are blown out to different locations of "safety" by their respective artifacts.

Meanwhile, Kana discovered through elemental signs and portents that another Avatar had been born to someone in Amber. She reacted by creeping off and avoiding the whole issue. She also met someone claiming to be the brother of Arthur Pembroke. Arthur was dismayed to discover the arrival of this brother, and tried to use magic to steal Alanna's baby (Ian) away from her.

Later, Arthur is able to dupe Alanna into running away with him on the pretense that her baby is in danger. She goes with him and discovers it was all a ruse. She is able to bring in Kage in via Trump. Kage tries to draw upon the power of his evil patron, Orochi, to help him. Things go black after that for the two of them. When they wake up, Kage, Ian and Alanna are all alive and well. There is no sign of Arthur.

At some point Kana and Raphael went on a date into Shadow. He helped her get back to her Shadow, and with Raphael and her cousins they were able to stop the onslaught of the diabolical Earthbenders!

June 11, 2006

Jeremy: He's got a crack commando team with him.
Micky: So they're not wearing underwear?

Dress Merchant: Are you shopping for your wife or... yourself?
Zephyr: Myself.
Dress Merchant: Understood.

"Why is the Joker naked?"

-Tori, reading a comic book over Megan's shoulder

"My little fetus, my little fetus..."

-Megan, singing to the tune of "My Little Pony"

"I have a Pop Tart, a pocket dimension, and a closet Pattern!"


Ariel: Goodness!
Katie: Gracious!
Nick: Great balls of fire!

Amber Date: October 15, First Year of Gérard's Regency

The camera opened on Kana, Alhuion, Eric Draven and Zephyr, as they were in the middle of a pitched aerial battle aboard giant hover ships fighting against flying bug ships. To be more accurate, the camera opened just as Zephyr's ship blew up. As Eric Draven and Kana flew down to see if Zephyr survived, the camera shifted to...

...Amber, where Cre, Kage, and Alanna were resting up in Castle Amber after their field exercises with Martin. Cre had spent the last few weeks pensive. The low-level sense of taint lingering about the castle, combined with his pent-up wolfy rage had the servants more than a little jittery.

Cre had a dream in which he came across a silvery-haired woman that he knew to be Luna, patron of the Garou. She asked why he had forsaken her, right before he woke up. Alanna, on the other hand, awoke to find a strange pendant in her bed. The pendant looked something like this:

She took it to the research librarian in the castle to find out what it represented, and then went to breakfast.

Kage woke up thinking, "I want to go back to sleep." And he did.

All three had received invitations to lunch with the ambassador from Boryev, Dmitri Bazhukov.

Zephyr woke up underwater, with gills, bleeding, and the dim sight of large underwater predators fighting madly all around him. Sensing this was all bad, he started swimming upward. Where he was pulled from the water by Kana and Eric Draven.

Alanna learned from the librarian that the symbol turns up in a Church book on demonology as the symbol for ultimate evil. She decides to keep wearing it.

Cre, Kage and Alanna went to the Boryev embassy and found that with the ambassador was Delwin, Tsar of Boryev. Unlike other foreign diplomats, he did not kiss their asses. Instead, he grilled them about their feelings towards Amber.

When they returned to the castle, there was an urgent summons from Lord Sebastian of Argentum. It seemed that rogue factions within the Argentum League had not only stolen the blood sample from Alhuion that was sent to Argentum labs several months prior, but they had also stolen a blood sample from Eric Draven while he was in traction. Sebastian had found where the labs were at, and asked the three royals for their help. (He also noted that he would have gone to Gérard about it, but he wanted to avoid a diplomatic incident.

As Sebastian led them through Shadow to Argentum, Zephyr, Alhion, Eric Draven and Kana returned to Amber. Alhuion went to dinner with the countess. Zephyr and Kana went shopping and soon began to feel like they were being watched. The two split up. Zephyr goes into a dress shop and looks into starting a career as a transvestite. Kana is approached by the hunchback who gave her a Pop Tart a month prior. The hunchback now gives here a jar that he claims contains a pocket universe.

Eric Draven went out into Shadow to seek out a magical weapon to compare with the octopus-themed blade of Zephyr's. He found the temple of the Dragon King and was given a potion of some sort called the "tears of the Dragon King" so that he could take the spiritual quest to claim the Axe of the Lizard King. After a long, prolonged trip through strange and dangerous realms, Eric Draven survives and claims his artifact: an electric guitar that requires neither electricity nor an amp.

When Kana returned to her rooms, she found the secret door had been left ajar. Again. She went down the passage to the library where she found Delwin flipping through the books there. Delwin left a trump of himself for Kana, then headed down the passage to the dungeon level. Kana followed, and he led her up to the door of the Pattern. The key was gone, but Delwin was able to unlock it. He left her there with the door open and continued deeper into the tunnels. She did not go in.

The team going to Argentum raided the labs. They confronted a group of thugs that appeared to be just as physically robust as the royal family. In the lab, they found a lot of empty cages, as well as a developing fetus in an artificial womb. When they received word that the lab was about to blow up, they stole the artificial womb and trumped back to Amber. There they found that the womb no longer worked, and the fetus started to die. Kage was able to use sorcery to sustain it, but this caused the fetus to develop snake-like features similar to Kage. When pools of shadow started to bloom around the artificial womb, Alanna decided that wasn't a good idea. Incidentally, Alanna named the fetus "Ian."

The next morning, Zephyr decided to cook breakfast for everyone in dressed full drag. Cre went into town and got himself well groomed at a dog grooming salon. Later, Cre and Kana went to a petshop to get him a treat. There, a St. Bernard shoved into Kana and broke the jar she carried. Kana, Cre, a purse-sized dog, the St. Bernard and the St. Bernard's owner all fell into a pocket universe. There the Pop Tart turned into a spiralling icon of Order. Kana played around with being a god for a bit while Cre savaged the St. Bernard.

Zephyr and Kage went strolling about town. Kage brought along a summoned shadow dragon to stroll along with them. When Ric showed up to talk to Zephyr, Kage sicced his dragon on Ric. Ric quickly dispatched the dragon while Kage and Zephyr fled in terror.

Alanna, freaked out about the growing pools of shadows in her room, trumps Kana for advice on how to solve this problem. Kana, busy playing god, gives her some general information about balancing elements and channelling ki. Alanna, not understanding any of it, decides to just unplug the fetus from the womb and plug it into her own navel. She passes out from pain and in her unconscious state she is spoken to by the being called "Sam." Sam offers to help her out in exchange for her wearing his symbol and lighting a candle in his honor every 8 days. She agrees, and wakes up to find out she is 8 months pregnant.

Eric Draven spent his day at the highest point in the castle, rocking out.

The hunchback showed up to chew out Kana for her misuse of the pocket universe. He popped everyone back to the pet shop and turns off the pocket universe. When asked his name, the hunchback introduced himself as Dworkin.

Alanna went shopping for goth maternity clothes. While shopping, she was approached by Arthur Pembroke who explains that he was instructed to assist her during her pregnancy.

May 14, 2006
"Can I have some clothes? I have a naked girl in my room."
-Eric Draven, to Alhuion

"I had an octopus on my naughty bits!"


"You're going to be sacrificed to their tiki god! Fudge for the tiki!"


"If you're a Begman assassin, you're not very good."

-Rinaldo, to Eric Draven

Ariel (regarding Eric Draven): He got owned by nature.
Jeremy: No, he got owned by gravity.

"Why the hell do I have a Pop Tart?"

Amber Date: September 8, First Year of Gérard's Regency

Excitement started out in the middle of the night under the light of the full moon. The two half-elves, Alhuion and Zephyr, found themselves having strange dreams. Alhuion dreamt that her blood spilled out over the world below her, and people rose up from the ground where it touched. This was followed by the feeling that she was trapped on a surgical table. She woke up and went to get something to drink. Zephyr dreamt that he was running with the hellhounds through Arden and took down a deer with his bare hands. He found that he really was doing that. Meanwhile, Eric Draven was awoke by several gallons of sea water landing on him and finding a young Rebman woman standing on his chest. This woman was Dayle, Llewella's much sheltered daughter, who decided to get out of Rebma by walking the Pattern and asking to be sent to "someone in Amber that she knew." Kana, on the other hand, found herself awakened by a latch clicking shut. Believing that someone had accessed the secret door in her room, she investigated while everyone else went downstairs to get food.

Zephyr returned to the castle after running naked through the forest and the city to get back home. After a shower, he joined the party in the kitchen. Kana periodically peaked in.

As dawn approached, Zephyr and Kana went back to bed. Kana, discovered a strange old hunchback who gave her a packet of Pop Tarts who insisted that she keep it safe from her cousin, Eric Draven. Draven, having receiced a letter from Caine's agent, Vincent, went off into the city to see what was up. Alhuion took Dayle shopping so that she would have something to wear besides scaled trunks or Eric Draven's vastly oversized wardrobe.

When Kana finally woke up again, she went down for a late breakfast. There, Gérard approached her and tried to spend some quality time with her. He asked her what she was interested in doing for her six-month service to the Crown. After some discussion, they thought that the constabulary would be an ideal choice for her. Kana decided to investigate this option further. She went down the headquarters for the constabulary, and took home a packet on how to apply to be a paranormal consultant to the constabulary.

Zephyr awoke and went for a walk in the city. After fleeing from a band of drunken sailors, he caught up with Alhuion while she was shopping. There he was approached by a strange older man named "Rick" who complemented him on his unusual approach in dealing with the sailors.

Alhuion, wanting to get a large and dangerous exotic animal, contacted Eric Draven to see if he could hook her up. He took her back to Vincent's place and he arranged purchase of a large riding cat, billing it to Draven's account.

Draven visited the Begman embassy to see if he could visit. As it turned out, the Begman ambassador was just sending a diplomatic packet to Gérard to request an Amber presence at an upcoming diplomatic summit to adjust the borders between Begma and Kashfa in Eregnor.

Alhuion was witness to a maid falling off some stairs and dying from a broken neck. In death, the maid no longer looked human and instead looked like some grey skinned alien thing. She and Dayle went to the library to research what it could be. They were assisted by Kana, who was taking a break from filling out paperwork.

Eric Draven, after dropping off the diplomatic packet with Gérard, learned that Queen Moire had put in a polite request to Amber to see if they knew where Dayle was. Draven claimed ignorance and fled to the library to find Dayle. Right after Draven arrived, Kana passed out and had some sort of spiritual vision of a meteor striking the Earth somewhere "over the horizon."

Alhuion is visited by someone claiming to be an old friend of her mother's. This woman identifies herself as Countess Vanessa Cumberly and asks if she can visit more in the future. Afterwards, Alhuion returns to her research and learns that the creature she saw may have been one of the "Gau," a race of shapeshifters that live in the Argentum League.

The following day, the four royal lords and ladies currently in Amber head off for Begma for the diplomatic function. Kana discovered as she set out that her earthbending was suddenly much stronger. They spend the night in the capital city (with Kana receiving another strange visit from the hunchback), then traveled by carriage to Eregnor the next morning. After dinner in Eregnor, Kana and Eric Draven meet Prince Rinaldo of Kashfa who is there, as he puts it, for color.

During the pre-negotiations luncheon, events are interrupted by a 40-foot tall demon charging through the ballroom and coming after the Amber royals. Alhuion and Zephyr flee with Rinaldo while Kana and Draven try to fight the beast to little effect. Rinaldo trumps the two half-elves out, while the others trump Gérard to escape.

Rinaldo took his two royals to some place in Shadow next to a giant blue rock. Gérard, Kana and Draven hellride back to Eregnor to try and help out the other two, find them missing, and then trump to them. Rinaldo and (through Trump) Martin explain that fire angels are often trained on psychic signatures and can follow a target through Shadow. They are also almost impossible to stop. The general advice is to find some sort of big weapon to use against the demon, which is identified as a "fire angel." Rinaldo offers to do the driving through Shadow for Alhuion and Zephyr to find such a weapon, explaining to Gérard that he's a "Broken" Pattern initiate. Gérard, Kana and Draven stay behind to slow down the fire angel.

Rinaldo takes Kana and Zephyr to a cathedral in Shadow that is holding some sort of holy and magical sword. Or, at least, holy as far as the giant octopus god "Leviathan" is concerned. Zephyr agrees to take on the spiritual quest to gain this powerful artifact. This "quest" consists of sending him half-naked into a giant underground lake to fight some tentacled monstrosity. He passed the test, gained the sword, and went back to rejoin his family by the blue rock.

Meanwhile, the three royals back at the rock had managed to slow it down somewhat. Gérard had been able to chop off a leg with his giant cleaver of a sword, while Kana and Draven had been able to batter it in their own ways. Zephyr returned and used the sword to deal it a killing blow.

The group then returned to Eregnor for a rather dull continuation of negotiations, this time in a new building. One without a giant fire-angel-sized hole. Rinaldo gave them all trumps for him before parting ways.

Alhuion returned to Amber to find that she had a riding cat, but it was purple with pink spots.

After this, Gérard gave the four who returned a lesson in shifting Shadow. They practiced simple Shadow-shifting that they could do even without a Pattern imprint. After some instruction, they were left to practice on their own. Alhuion tried to travel through Shadow to find a riding cat of more preferable coloration. Draven tried to find a place filled with attractive single women. Zephyr tried to find a flaming horse called a "nightmare" for him to ride. Kana just went off to find a good place to meditate.

Alhuion ended up getting attacked by a giant cat, and then capture by some tribesman who tried to sacrifice her to their volcano god. Draven found a place filled with Amazon warriors, who chased after him for invading their sacred island. He tried to shift Shadow away rapidly, and ended up going off of a cliff. Zephyr lost his nerve in trying to buy a nightmare, having a strange premonition it wouldn't be easy. Kana received a message from one of the prior incarnations of the Avatar, Master Genki. She learned that the meteor she saw earlier had crashed in the middle of the Earth Kingdom and had increased the power of earthbending. They had used this power to declare war on the other three kingdoms, and were destroying the balance of the Four Elements.

Draven was, with some effort, able to trump back to Amber. He ended up in traction in the infirmary under heavy pain medication. While loopy, he saw a servant come in and draw some of his blood.

Alhuion and Zephyr briefly experimented with staying at the Nedran embassy, but decided even that was too skeezy. They ended up moving back into the castle, but decided they would hide in different guest rooms at night.

Zephyr received another visit from Rick, who offered advice on who was behind sending the fire angel. Kana attempted to travel back to her home Shadow, but gave up when she realized that it would take her weeks. (And Gérard would not let her ditch out on her training.)

April 16, 2006
"I'd rather be alive and naked than dead and covered."

Eric Draven: Have you considered attacking them from behind?
Lord Red [awkwardly]: Um, no.

Katie: I am all that is man.
Nick: You're a woman!

Martin: You brought the slake moth to Amber?
All [dreamily]: Yeah...
Martin: You know it eats people, right?
All [dreamily]: Yeah...

Amber Date: August 10, First Year of Gérard's Regency

The new lords and ladies of Amber are progressed onto their next level of training: field exercises. They are put in charge of armies out in Shadow and expected to figure out solutions to the military dilemas. Battlefields range from crude stone weapons to interplanetary conflict.

During their downtime between exercises, several of the lords are approached by dignitaries from the Golden Circle. Orkuz, the Begman ambassador, invites Eric Draven to the embassy for dinner. Alanna and Kage are similarly invited to the Argentite embassy by Lord Sebastian while Alhuion and Zephyr receive invitations to the Nedran embassy by an elf-like being named Semasil. Kana, on the other hand, receives a gift from a book merchant in the City named Arthur Pembroke. The book is, disturbingly, the adolescent diary of Prince Benedict filled with his bad poetry and lamentations that Oberon "just doesn't understand him."

Each of the embassies tried to make the scions of Amber feel as welcome as possible, and emphasized invitations to each of their kingdoms. They even encouraged the young nobles to take diplomatic positions there as part of their "service to the crown." Mr. Pembroke, on the other hand, sold Kana a few other old diaries that he'd managed to acquire, including some of Benedict's old war journals as well as some more magic-oriented tomes by Brand and Fiona.

After a couple months of training, Gérard sends several of the royalty on missions throughout the kingdom. Eric Draven and Kana are sent into the Valley of Garnath to investigate some supernatural activity there. Alanna and Alhuion were sent into the bad parts of Amber City to track down someone or something that has been killing prostitutes. Zephyr and Kage were sent to the far reaches of the kingdom to find out what has become of some missing tax coll— erm, agents of the crown.

Kana and Eric Draven were sucked into some spiritual quest by a human-seeming creature that was missing one eye and called himself "Sam." There were four tests they went through. The first pitted them against the combined goddess Sekhmet-Hathor as she used the eye of Ra to burn the land. The second challenge placed them between two conflicting armies led by two brothers: Lords Red and Silver. Silver claimed his brother was a usurper. Red claimed he was just trying to protect the family legacy. The family legecy was apparently a spiraling tile mosaic down in the basement. When Draven started pulling up the tiles and sticking them in his bag, Red and Silver combined forces against him and that seemed to end the test.

The third stage had them in a meadow filled with grazing sheep. In the forest around the meadow was a ravaging wolf. It ran out and killed a sheep, and where the sheep's blood fell the land dissolved underneath it. After it killed a second, Kana trapped it in ice and used her abilities as a spirit medium to try and contact the wolf. What she got was an image of Brand stabbing Martin. Each of the sheep seemed to correspond to an aunt or uncle. There was no living sheep that corresponded to Deirdre or Martin. Kana ended up using earthbending to bury the wolf.

The fourth and final stage put them in the borderland between two halves of a city. One side neat and orderly, the other side wild and chaotic. The orderly side was clean, organized, and heavily patroled by police. The chaotic side was a bohemian artists district. There was reckless creativity as well as violence and debris. Kana explored the orderly side, Draven the chaotic side. The farther Draven got into the chaotic side, the more things seemed to fall apart. Even the pavement softened under his feet until he reached a point of just primordial ooze. Draven licked the ooze. Kana, on the other hand, found that things became more static the farther she went in. The people became frozen, and the ground cracked beneath her feet. After they had both seen the extremes of each end, the quest ended and they were back in the valley. There was a feeling of cleanliness left behind in the valley.

Alanna and Alhuion went to meet with Captain Ditka of the Amber Constabulary, who gave them access to files on the murders as well as access to the most recent body. The Crown had been asked for help in this case because they suspected there might be a demon left over from the war causing the deaths. Alhuion, who had experience dealing with murders during her time with the STN-J, noticed that there was a disparity between the wounds. Most of the injuries were claw marks from some large creature, but there were also some very human-seeming bite marks. Alanna, from examining the crime reports, realized that most of the murders seemed to radiate around one particular neighborhood near the Amber docks.

After checking out some of the shops in the area (and dutifully avoiding some place called "Bloody Tom's," they decided that the best tactic would be to go undercover as prostitutes. They had several misadventures involving sailors, parapalegic war veterans and narcotic laden blow-darts. After the blow-dart knocked Alhuion out of commission, Alanna took her cousin to the Argentum embassy to see if their technology could help her. Lord Sebastian did not have any fast route back to their Shadow, but could send a blood sample through a very iffy Trump connection. Alhuion was awake and well the next morning, and lab results indicated that it was a common knock-out drug used in Amber. They bought some poison for themselves in hopes of developing an immunity to it.

After a few more days of watching the area, they heard a scream of pain and ran down an alley just in time to stop a demonic-looking thing from killing a prostitute. Alanna chased it through an abandoned building while Alhuion tried to render first aid to the prostitute. Shortly after losing track of the creature in the building, Alhion is struck in the head by a rock and sufficiently dazed while the creature bolts past her. Alanna and Alhuion trump back to Gérard so that Alhion can get bandaged up.

Meanwhile, Zephyr and Kage spend a few days in a carriage travelling out to the Barony of Pwyll. They are given rooms in the old baron's estates, and they set about investigating the area. They travel out to one of the bandit encampments, since bandits had also been disappearing. There they find all of the bandits dead. Kage is able to use his medical knowledge and sorcery to determine that they all died of starvation and dehydration.

They infrequently spot some large flying creature passing overhead. After a few days, they are able to track it down to a barn near the village. In the barn, they see many of the local villagers singing crude hymns to some insectile humanoid. After the singing, they go up, touch its chest and lick their hands where they touch it. They proceed to lie down in some sort of stupor. When Kage and Zephyr try to attack the creature, it fans out its wings and they find themselves hypnotized by the patterns found there. When Kage is able to shake it off, he finds that Zephyr is gone.

Kage, not knowing what else to do, heads back for Amber. Zephyr wakes up in some tree, his face covered in some kind of dried mucus. After a bit of wandering around lost, he manages to make it back to the Barony before heading back to Amber after Kage.

Alanna, Alhuion, Kage and Zephyr all meet up in the castle. Kage and Zephyr try to use the castle library to learn more about this creature, but do not really find anything of use in the libraries. Martin, on the other hand, is able to identify the creature that they faced as a slake moth, a demon from near something called "the Pit." He also agrees to track down a book for them. After a few days, he provides a book that has a rough description of the creature.

Kage and Alanna offer to help Alanna and Alhion with their case. On a hunch, they stop by to visit a tailor that they had a bad feeling about. They break into his place to find him in the midst of a lot of demon-related trophies that are modified to be worn. They knock him out with the poison they obtained earlier and hand him off to the constabulary.

The four then head off to Pwyll again. They try to locate some local help from the church, but the best they are able to manage is the vicar from the next village over. He shows up eager to help, armed with a piece of firewood as a cudgel. The group then heads off to ask around at farm houses. Alanna and Alhion find it holed up in a farm house, where it tries to communicate with them. They learn that it is trapped in Amber since the "black road" disappeared. Feeling sorry for the creature, the group decides to give it shelter and help it find its way home. Martin, on learning that they've hidden it in the dungeons, finds a Shadow where it can feed freely and they transport it there.

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March 19, 2006
"I suppose I should also tell you that I'm your father."
-Benedict to Kana
Amber Date: June 3rd, First Year of Gérard's Regency

An assortment of people from a variety of alternate realities are approached by people claiming to be their parents and told that they need to leave. After a bit of forced indoctrination into a new language, they are brought to a medieval-style kingdom called Amber. They are told that they are descendents of the royal family of this realm. There is about to be a large re-boot of reality and a war that occupies most of the rest of the royal family. These "foundlings" are told they have been brought to Amber to keep them safe during this re-boot. While they are there, they will be expected to train in those skills that befits the royalty of Amber and serve in its defense. If they do well, then they will have the chance to claim their heritage and learn to walk between worlds as they wish. If they don't do well, they face imprisonment, exile and/or death.

Their first day in Amber is spent being shown around town by their cousin, Eric Draven. After a night on the town they return to their rooms in the castle in time for the combined threat of a tornado, a tsunami and an earthquake. During the tsunami, Alhuion and Kana both find themselves swept out to sea, with Alhuion sustaining a compound fracture on her arm. The rest of the family is drafted by Prince Gérard to deal with emergency support in the city. Kage and Happy Bubble Pie start an infirmary in the courtyard of the castle, while the rest work to find survivors.

After a week of clean-up efforts, the young scions of Amber are brought together by Lord Martin to begin training. They spent several weeks training under both him and an etiquette instructor named Mrs. Blucher in order to learn the skills deemed necessary to be of the royal family of Amber.

During this time Cre, Draven, Kana, Alanna and Morgance are sent out into Arden to deal with some giant worm creature that's been eating rangers. The end up hurting it badly and then herd it into the ocean, much to Queen Moire's dismay.

Those four also received invitation to meals with assorted local dignitaries who all sought to curry the favor of the new royals. Moire offered a couple of them rooms in Rebma and an open invitation to visit. The High Pontifex of the Church of the Unicorn merely asked to be remembered. Cre alone visited the Weirmonken embassy, where he was offered many fine weir... women. Kana eschewed all such social frivolities, instead spending her time investigating secret passages in Castle Amber.

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