"The sleeper has awakened!"

-Paul Atriedes in Frank Herbert's Dune
Welcome to the Dreaming in the Real Web site. Dreaming in the Real was an Amber Diceless Campaign played in Seattle. The last session, we actually managed to finish off the second story arc. The Oleai are molified, Osric is presumably dead, the Bright Pattern is healed. In the process, Aaron is now a girl, Dalen feels guilty over having to kill Vialle (and put a duplicate in her place), Maladin continues sending letters of resignation to Random after having been used as a pawn by the Bright Pattern folk, and Len mourns the presumed death of Caine. Rhyss, of course, has come out smelling like roses.

We were all really surprised last session (2.27.00) that we'd reached the end. The story lines were all resolved, if at a great cost to some. We sat around and did Q&A time with Cort. The game is temporarily suspended, as there are no threats to the Realm, and Cort has to go to school in a couple of weeks.

But this is, by no means, the end of our fun, or the fun of those following us.

There's still more stuff to put on the site. I (Jeremy Z.) alone have 8 sessions worth of journals from Lentaro I haven't uploaded, and others have a good 3 or 4 to send me. There's trump art still pending, and logs, and quote lists, and some of Cort's back story, so don't think this site is through just yet. Andy Blija will be putting a hard copy of our travails into the ACUS library, as well, so you can look us up there.

The adventures of our merry band of One True Lemmings will continue sometime in the future. Cort has mentioned that this will likely be set 30 years into the future, and we'll likely provide a new site for the new world that we live in. Perhaps Dalen will be married, Aaron/Erin will develop the new realm surrounding the Fire Pattern, Len will become the beaurocrat he's always dreaded becoming, Rhyss and Lore will elope, and Maladin will find himself the scorned ex-lover of Llewella. Or maybe not. It should be interesting, irregardless.

NEW! We have a new campaign going. I (Jeremy Z.) am running it. The title is Web of Malice: A String Concerto in A Major. Cort is doing the website for it, and it can be found at http://www.maelstromx.com/wom/

Anyway, back to this site. For this site, I've thought I'd be a tad creative with the navigation, playing up the whole "Dream" aspect of the campaign name, so look below for a more coherent explanation of the sections.

  • Fools - This section describes the characters in the campaign, both player characters, and the non-player characters of note.
  • Delusions - This portion chronicles events that have transpired in the game, the content of which is provided by Katherine Nyborg.
  • Lies - This is the obligatory quote page, as recorded by Jeremy Zimmerman.
  • Mirages - These are the locations relevant to the campaign.
  • Statistics - This is where you find all the relevant special rules that we use in the game, as well as meta information, such as the coveted FAQ.
If at any time you want to return to this page, just click on the title graphic in the top right corner. Questions and comments about the Web site can be sent to Bolthy. Questions and comments about the game can be sent to Cort. Complaints will be force-fed to Aaron once Dalen finally snaps.

As of October 8th, 1999,

What's New, Pussy Cat?


Finished adding the last of the quote lists. Start at 1.3.00 and read down.
Added trump for Aaron/Erin.
Added parts 1 through 10 of Maladin's unabrdiged journal entries.
Updated the Telluria section with the unabridged document. So now you can learn all the dark secrets about Telluria.
Added my original write up about the Dark Horse Bureau.
Added Part Thirteen of Dalen's journal. It gives a wonderful general overview of things as they stand at the end of Dreaming in the Real.
Updated the blurbs about the characters in the Fools section. Also updated everyone's status, score cards, etc.
Added excerpts from Maladin's Journal, parts six, seven, and eight.
Added a Maladin Story: The Code.
Added the Gourd of Fiona (aka: the Dark Master) to the NPCs page.
Added Land of the Milk-Fed Boys to the Mirages section.
Sorry for the delay on the site updates folks! Life got icky. And so did the server. So... new today is:
Log for 1.16.00.
Added Dalen's journals for sessions 7, 8, and 10. Descriptions of them pending.
Though hardly new, the quote list is current up through 1.19.00. For some reason the last time I noted updates was for the 10.24.99 quotes. Odd.
Added log for 1.02.00.
Added the log for 12.19.99: The Dreaming in the Real Christmas Special.
Also be sure to watch for the upcoming Tellurian Christmas Carol. I wanted to have it up before Xmas, but I haven't had time to finish it.
Anyway, it's 2 am Xmas morning. I need sleep. As Stan Lee would say, "Merry Christmas, true believers."
Added Parts Six, Seven, and Eight of Aaron's journal.
Added 12.5.99 session log.
Added a news report by Maladin to Maladin's page.
Added Smuggler's Haven to the Mirages page.
Updated the FAQ.
Changed controversial image to a randomly generated graphic, depicting cute animal versions of all the characters.
Added Alan Smithee and Raal to the NPCs.
Added trump for Lentaro.
Added Mirand and Clarrissera, with trumps, to the NPC page, as well as a trump for Raphaella.
Updated scorecards for Maladin and Aaron, aka: the bunny men.
Added what may prove to be a contraversial photo of Maladin and Aaron to the home page. This picture may earn Lentaro a whole heap of trouble. I'll need to remember the GURPS Bunnies & Burrows game tomorrow.
Added trump for Rhyss.
Added teaser for 12.5.99 log to Delusions page.
Added nick name for Lentaro.
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