DCI Abigail Irene Garrett

In appearance, DCI Garrett is a well-dressed woman in her mid forties, her blond hair greying and her hazel eyes beginning to crinkle at the corners. Her nose is aquiline, her lips thin: she was an extremely attractive woman in her youth, but she has not remained pretty as she aged. Rather, her features have become aristocratic and a bit cold. Perhaps it's the unpleasant knowledge brought by her duties that has hardened her. She's thin, angular, and slightly above average height, and she dresses well for her job, in conservative, expensive walking suits. She habitually carries her sorcerer's tools in a dark blue velvet carpetbag.

The law has been her whole career. A younger daughter of a noble house who never married, she nonetheless had one or two notorious affairs of the heart when she was younger and more prone to dramatic outbursts. Her passionate nature has not lessened with age, but she's learned to rein it in.

She has refused promotion beyond her current rank, having little interest in administration, and little ambition beyond the apprehension of criminals. Rumors abound of the dark secret in her past that has left her so driven: the murder of a lover or a relative, perhaps? She's seen by the men she commands as perhaps a bit inhuman, and certainly more than a bit brittle.

She makes up her lack of personal skills, however, with a brilliant and incisive mind, and excellent skills in her chosen field - forensic detention, both sorcerous and through the simpler auspices of careful observation.