One note about this game is that when we were emailing about things, I got games and characters mixed up, so when Chris asked us to email him about any dark powers we were taking, I replied to all claiming that I was taking Advanced Good Stuff, Exalted Wenching, and Basic Hollow Leg Imprint. Which spawned a few jokes, including relocating the game to a bar. Hopefully Chris won't mind my inclusion of his comment:
IMiA was a neat game though it wasn't what I expected. The original game description said:

This is the city: a hotbed of intrigue, magic, swashbuckling adventure, and intrigue..."

Seems all the references to intrigue should have been replaced with the word "wenching".

I'll never forget Jeremy Zimmerman jumping up on the table and dancing around or the late night decision to move the game into the hotel bar for more appropriate atmosphere and a steady supply of alcohol as the game somehow became a LARP...

Oh, and in case some of the quotes seem odd, the two major events included:
  • Sol's character coming home to find his furniture rearranged (and looking better), throw pillows added, his safes indicated with big arrows painted on the wall (which complimented the room quite nicely), and all the contents of his safes had been neatly sorted. Including the top secret information, which had been sorted by degrees of secrecy. And all his booze had been stolen.
  • A series of murders had transpired in the city, typically among women of ill repute, involving their heads being "bitten" off, and their hearts being surgically removed. Ick.

"So, you're the honorable captain. You're like Kermit the Frog in Muppet Island."

-JD, in a pregame quote, about Sol's character

Sol: Mind if we sacrifice fudge to the Tiki?
Blake: Fudge for the Tiki! Fudge of the Tiki!

JD: We figured it said "Free Rebma" so it was even better.
Stormy: Typically it's just "Cheap Rebma".

"How horrifyingly domestic."

-Stormy, watching Jenn cross-stitch a bib

"I don't mind if you sit in my lap, but you still can't see my character sheet."

-Stormy, to Jenn

Blake: His name's Dane, but his other name is Hamlet.
All: *GROAN*
Stormy (quoting the Karamozov Brothers): Omlet, Pans of Denmark!

Kucharski: I'm not a farm boy! I'm a swordsman!
Stormy: No, he's the Dread Pirate Roberts.
Stormy: Oh, I get it. He's a pathological liar.

"Look, Mike, your friend the calculator. Or do you frown on such mundane items."

-Chris, to Kucharski

Chris: As you who read the email know, some ambassadors are coming to town.
Stormy: Yes, and all the references to intrigue have been replaced by wenching.

"There are two fat guards to land on."

-Kucharski, on the prospect of chucking Sol's laptop over the railing

Chris: I don't mean to scare you, but the same person has top rank in Strength and Endurance.
Stormy: Victory is mine!
Blake: No! It's the person who bought no powers (indicating Jen).
Stormy: Are you kidding? She bought 100 points of Good Stuff!

Jeremy (asking Jen about the bib): So are you expecting a kid, or is this for a friend?
Jen (responding to a different question): Actually, I have one upstairs. We can bring it down here and share.

"Before I torture Sol..."
"While I torture Sol..."
"...while you're doing that, I'll torture Sol."
"I'm going to go back and torture Sol..."

-Chris, repeatedly throughout the first five minutes of RP

"Hey, don't make fun of little Nicky Alikki!"


Stormy: I'm top ranked in Stuff, too, right?
Chris: Yes.
Sol: I thought it was "victory"?
Stormy: It was.

"Sol, I paid 10 points to have him give you 10 Bad Stuff."


Chris: Swashbuckling-noir, comedy nightly, dark humor on Wednesdays.
Kucharski: I though this was the gay game...
Jeremy (switching to Adair mode): Oh, crap. I'm in the wrong game!
Stormy: And here you took exalted wenching. Boy are you going to look stupid.

Stormy: You've been gratuitously redecorated by Flora.
Blake: You've been Floradated!

"I've got Weird Stuff..."


Chris: Actually, your place is as clean as it would be if your servants actually showed up.
Sol: I should hire these thieves!

"You're not noticing anything missing. In fact, you have more stuff than before. You now have throw pillows."

-Chris, to Sol

"Redecorating with intent."


"I'll set a trap! I'll mess up the house and hide in a closet!"


Sol: Why wasn't the lawn taken care of?
Mike Schloss: Because these are interior decorators.

"The usual bills, 'You may already be an Amberite'..."

-Chris, describing Sean's mail

Andy: You know his dryer is full of socks.
Stormy: And none of them match.

"'People are going around redecorating. Solve it.'
'It's annoying Flora.'"


"Best Chinese laundry in all of shadow. One point personal shadow. It's Flora's."


Chris (regarding a doddering servant at the castle): This takes a while because he's as slow as a glacier.
Sol: He sold down from Human Rank.
Stormy: He needed the points to buy Advanced Muttering.

Jen: You people...
Stormy: Hey, what about those of us who aren't people?

"I have to keep my wits about me. I might get throw-pillowed."


Andy: Incest pays in Amber.
Stormy: If you get caught, it pays with interest.

Chris: Being the captain of the guard of the seamy side of town...
Stormy:'re sound asleep and well bribed.

Kucharski (on his plans to duel tonight): Three at once!
Sol: I thought it was three back to back...
Kucharski: I want to get it done as soon as possible.

"You know, there were throw pillow size swatches cut out of his clothes, and all his hair was gone."

-Andy, about a murder

Chris: Sorry, no one wanted to play the forensic pathologist.
Jeremy: Scully, after everything you've seen, how can you doubt the existence of the Courts of Chaos?

Keith (asking about the murders): All in the same area?
Chris: All in the suck side of town.

"You know, your character's Celtic. What your people know as throw pillows, others know as severed heads."


Sol: You've got an infestation of Aztechs!
Stormy: Just get a spray for them. They'll be gone in about a week.

"And now I eat the Unicorn! Tf full! It's twice as large as it needs to be!"


"He actually needs a pillowmancer."


(Max bows to the Unicorn Church Cardinal, using his index finger as a horn)
Jeremy: If only that was quotable.

"There's not a drop of liquor in his house. You've been robbed by prohibitionist redecorators."


"Sol, hold the GM like a hostage."


Reginald: They buy most of their wine from us.
Dane: Their's must be awful...

"So, do you want to go somewhere later?"

-the entirity of Reginald's first 8 attempts at luring off Elyssa after the party

Elyssa: Didn't you have a girlfriend a week ago?
Reginald: But that was a whole week ago...
Elyssa: Why don't you have her now?
Reginald: She caught me in bed with someone else.

Reginald (still trying to lure off Elyssa): I think we ought to know each other better.
Elyssa: But I know you Reggie.
Reginald: I mean religiously.
Elyssa: But I'm not religious...
Reginald (smiling): Neither am I.

Max (to Elyssa, after Reggie's track record): Care to go out for dinner tomorrow night?
Elyssa: Sure.

Chris: What was the name of Bloody Thom's before Thom was killed?
(various suggestions)
Chris (answering his own questions): Bloody Sol's! No, wait! Three-eyed Sol's!
Stormy: Recurring jokes! Gotta love 'em.

Chris: So, you've hired the farm boy to investigate the heinous crime?
Stormy: It's an absurd crime. Why change the trend now?
Andy: I guess they need to do some pillow talk.

"No, no. It's bureaucrats. It will be red tape at 30 yards."


"The yard's a crime scene becauses they didn't mow the lawn? What?!"


Stormy (whose character is going home): I'm presuming the house is still there?
Chris: Actually, I have a funny story about that.

"My overstuffed chair has had it's head bit off and it's heart torn out. There's stuffing everywhere!"


"Go check my sofa. See if my throw pillows are missing."

-Stormy, after discovering a large quantity of imported booze in his home

"Send a servant over to Captain O'Donovan, let him know he misplaced his alcohol in my pantry."