"We say 'likes' in this game because 'incest' is harder to spell."
-Chris Kindred

Stormy: There are several things you can do to other people that don't involve their consent.
Sarah: They usually involve throw pillows.

Dane (to Reggie): Wear a mask. It helps you.
Sol: Until you open your mouth.

Jeremy: Anyone in the peanut gallery have any comments to add about Reggie?"
Blake: They're all too easy.
Sarah: So is Reggie.

Stormy: Max is a bit of a dilettante, he attends all the best parties, wears the latest fashions, etc.
Jeremy: Just like Reggie.
Everyone: Only classier.

"My name is Blake, and I'm an alcoholic religious fanatic."

-Blake introducing his character to the group

Sarah: (Abigail) resembles an aging but once attractive woman in her mid-forties.
Jeremy: Ah, so she's like a fine wine.
Sarah: Yes, she'll leave you on the floor with a headache.

Abigail: Miss Darcy, I have a proposition for you.
Reggie: I've tried that line before, and it's never gotten me anywhere.
Elyssa: And I've already told you, I'd much rather be friends, because I know how many (jewelry) receipts (for your women) I get from you each month, and I don't want to be a receipt.

"There are some things involving foliage that the church frowns on."

-Morgan to Reggie

"The church has come up with a new term for you: vegiality."

-Morgan to Reggie

"Why are there so many priests in this restaurant?"

-Reggie to Elyssa, during their second date

Liz: Are we all taking turns playing Sol's instrument?
Sol: It's fun, but it's a little hard to play because it's so big.

"Shhhhh. Dramatic screwing moment."

-Kris Fazzari to the group

"Keith, feel free to make the weird noises."

-Chris Kindred

"It's those gnomes, they put nuclear generators into the grapes, that's why Bayle's Piss tastes so bad."

-Dane to the group, hallucinating after being poisoned

"The Bastille has landed. I must storm it to destroy the postman-hamster conspiracy."

-Dane to the group, still hallucinating

Mike Schloss: I throw my glove at the gazebo and challenge it to a duel. 'What, you cur! Have at you!' Chris Kindred: OK, so you're currently engaged in a duel to the death with the gazebo.

"You know, there was this one time when you were sick with that one perfect flu of which all other flus are but Shadows..."

Chris Kindred

Kris Fazzari: So we're sleeping the sleep of the innocent, or the lucky...or maybe the unlucky. Stormy: Or the dead. "No, I'm not really interested in going to where the screaming is."

-Elyssa to GM

"Your follicles are overdrawn. You'll have to come back with me to the toaster for questioning."

-Dane, still hallucinating, to Madeline

Dane: I'm on to your wily lamp shade ways.
Madeline: Your light bulb needs changing.
Mike Schloss: Dane begins unscrewing his nose.

Chris Kindred: You've been tied up by sailors.
Mike Schloss: Dane's eyes suddenly widen in horror.

"Two out of three captains destroy Bayle property."