Summaries of Past Games

ACNW 2000: Nine Princes in the Hundred Acre Wood

The Hundred Acre Wood is invaded by Heffalumps and Woozles who believe that the PCs have stolen their Heffalump and Woozle icon of power: The Lattern! Eeyore travels all the way to the Courts of Heffalump, and discovers that the Lattern was under the bed the whole time and no one bothered to look. The PCs also stole the Woozle's submarine.
ACNW 2001: Pooh-Sticks of Avalon
Elven urban developers invade the Wood, trying to Tirnaform the place in order to make fae suburbs! Tim inadvertantly trumps in Oliphant the Barbarian.
ACNW 2002: Sign of the Hunny Pot
The gang heads off in search of the North Pole to ask Santa for a pair of arms for the Jack in the Box. Then they return home to find the Wood has been invaded by Africanized Hunny Bees! It turns out Flora had offered up her hive as a time share while she was on vacation, and her guests were making a mess of the place.
ACNW 2003: The Hand of Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin's glove is found covered in claret! Jam has been spilled on the Primal Pogrus! Rabbit has stolen the Shiny Thing of Judgement in order to make his own Pogrus! And a strange man falls from the sky.
ACNW 2004: The Courts of Tigger
Someone has left a bunch of trapped Trumps about the Hundred Acre Wood! Super Moose finds a whole city of Super Mooses... Super Meeses... people like him. And Tigger finds a whole country filled with Tiggers, but doesn't believe they are Tiggers because, well, he's the only one. He also initiates himself into the Whoop-de-Dooper-Loop-de-Looper Ali-Ooper Bounce.
ACNW 2005: Tea Party of Doom
Rabbit's friends and relations plot dire revenge against for the kidnapping of Rabbit by the heroes, even though they heroes didn't do it.
ACNW 2006: Strawberry Jam of the Hundred Acre Wood
A horrible conspiracy between Empress Florimel the Bee and Prince Brand (yes, that Prince Brand) results in the Hundred Acre Wood being rewritten according to Florimel's vision of the woods.
ACNW 2007: Sign of the Heffalumps
A new power moves among the Heffalumps and steers enemies towards the Hundred Acre Wood. The Queen of Hearts works to gain control of the Hundred Acre Woods, and everyone marries each other so they can have hunny from their hunnymoon.
ACNW 2008: Knight of Thistles
A vast confluence of forces pit the heroes of the Hundred Acre Wood in a battle to decide which power is greatest. The gang ends up leaving the universe entirely for a very brief time.
ACNW 2009: Princess of Heffalumps
Coming soon!