Character Types
The first and most important part is what type of character you want to play. There are a few broad types. Keep in mind that your character should match their stats, particularly in the Brawn catagory. No herculean swallows. I don't even care if they're African Swallows.

  • Child - Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Grown-Up - Also pretty obvious. It should be noted that this isn't a grown-up like most grown-ups. This is a grown-up as children view grown-ups. They tend to be larger than life, and a bit 2 dimensional. Like a Friendly Lumberjack, a Frisky Cowgirl, or the like.
  • Forest Animal - This is a pretty broad catagory. Most players can only be the types of animals you'd find in an English country side. However, with sufficient begging, pleading, and good character background, you can be something a bit more exotic, given that the Pogrus allows a bit more travelling these days.
  • Toy - This is a pretty broad catagory. This could range from a toy soldier, to a plush guinea pig. The main limit is that it would have to be the type of toy that could appear in Christopher Robin's world. As with forest animals, there is a bit of leeway, given the types of places that can be reached via Pogrus.
  • Exotica - This is the weird stuff. Fairies. Elves. Unicorns. Zeta Reticuli. Little green men from Mars. Frankenstein's monster. You have to have a good background for this.
  • Attributes
    There are four attributes. You can either buy up in an attribute, or sell down to get more points. Here's a rough break down of ranks. They are mostly helpful in determining Brawn.
    • Almost Nothing (-25) - At this rank, you are pretty much useless in terms of this attribute. This would be a good rank for your average European Swallow in terms of Brawn. ;)
    • Toddler (-10) - At this rank, you are not particularly good, but you can at least do some fairly useful things. This denotes the capabilities of your average 3 year old.
    • Child (0) - This is the default rank. You are the equivalent of a 6 or 7 year old.
    • Adult (10) - Average Adult. Think Human Rank in Amber. No children may have this rank or above in Brawn. In other attributes, this would denote a fairly exceptional child.
    • Amazing (25) - Among the best. Bears and horses would have this rank in Brawn. This would qualify as a genius. This is about the same as Chaos rank in Amber.
    When buying up, you can spend however many points you generally desire, irregardless of whether it matches a rank. When selling down, you can only sell down to specific ranks.

    The attributes are:

    • Brains - This is how Clever your character is. This decides how good you are at Strategy, how well you can think up Good Ideas, as well as how capably you can use Powers.
    • Brawn - This is how strong you are. Good for lifting things. This is combined with Fierceness to see who wins in close combat.
    • Stoutness - This is how rugged you are. Those who may take many a tumble out of a Hunny Tree, or get into many fights, may want to take this attribute.
    • Fierceness - This is how well you fight. If you are attacking from a ways off (rocks, BB guns, bow and arrow) you use just Fierceness. Fighting up close, you would use Fierceness and Brawn combined.
    Pogrus (50 points)
    The Pogrus consists of two main parts. There's this glowing path-thingy on top, with infrequent tunnels that seem to change every time you walk it. So you'll walk along one stretch of line of the Pogrus, and come to a hole in the ground, crawl through it, and come up to the next one. The Pogrus appears to accomodate the size of whoever comes to walk it, no matter how big or small the would-be initiate is. While leaving the Pogrus in the middle of a walk will not kill a person, they will be Quite Ill for some time.

    There are two sets of powers associated with the Pogrus, which are divided into "Top" and "Bottom" powers. Top powers are the easiest to use. You can stand on your feet to use them. Bottom powers are harder, as you must stand on your head, and sometimes wiggle your feet, or else walk on your hands.

    Top Powers

    • Find Adventures

      This allows the user to travel through worlds to find interesting things and places. These places must be roughly similar in some ways to the Hundred Acre Woods. You cannot find a world made up entirely of beach balls suspended in mid-air with no solid ground.

    • Lead others on Adventures

      This allows the user to take others with them on their adventures.

    • Find stuff

      While looking for adventures, you can also happen across Useful Things.

    • Find time

      While away from the Hundred Acre Wood, having adventures, time tends to go faster relative to the Hundred Acre Woods. This means you can often spend days fighting pirates in order to save the kingdom of Ballyhoo, and still be back in time for tea.

    • Power over Adventures

      As an initiate in the Pogrus, you can combine movement and will to control aspects of your adventures.

    • Pogrus Defense

      By concentrating on the image of the Pogrus, you can defend yourself from mental attacks.

    Bottom Powers
    • Find Strange Adventures

      By looking for adventures while upside down, you can find all manner of strange places, such as places where there is no ground, and the only thing solid are jillions of beach balls suspended in the air.

    • Pogrus Sight

      By calling to mind the Pogrus while upside down, you can use the Pogrus to look at things and see if their magical or anything like that.

    • Pogrus Tendrils

      By wiggling your feet while upside down, you can send out tendrils from the Pogrus to accomplish all sorts of tasks like looking around over hills and moving things.

      These tendrils are invisible to those who don't have some way of seeing Magical Things. You can also send your tendrils out to other worlds.

    • Pogrus Defense

      This is much like the Top version of Pogrus Defense, but you can also use your Pogrus tendrils to defend yourself against physical attacks, but only if you're not already using the Pogrus to protect yourself from mental attacks.

    • Pogrus Combat

      You can also use your tendrils to attack people, using Brains instead of Brawn.

    • Pogrus Summoning

      Also, you can summon things to you from other worlds using Pogrus tendrils. Pretty neat, huh?

    Trump Artistry (30 points)
    Same as ADRPG, but I'm taking out "Trump Defense". Without Pogrus to power it, a trump will not reach beyond a particular world.
    Shapeshifting (35 points)
    Shapeshifting is basically the same as the rules, but there is no "Primal Form" or "Automatic Shapeshifting". The two basic forms are the Top form and the Bottom form, which roughly correspond to the Avatar and Chaos forms in the rules. Remember, this is a children's story, so forms must have a sort of child-like feel.
    Other Magic (15 points)
    Aside from the magic of making trumps, there's the magic of making spells. This is only superficially like Sorcery from Amber. Basically, I'm having spells be one time item effects. You can cast at will, but it's very draining physically, and it's highly subject to the laws of the world you're in as to how well it works. The ideal way is hang it in some way, so that you expend the effort slowly, and it can be cast without effort later. It takes one hour per point of spell you want to hang. If you hang it in an item, it is still subject to local laws, but if you hang it in the Pogrus (which you have to do while upside down), then you can ignore those silly local laws.
    Other Other Magic (varies)
    This is for generally strange things that players think up.
    Items are, for the most part, much like those in Amber. The only limitations is that there are no Power Words, so you can't give items power words, and there are no 4 point qualities or powers, so you can't use those either. Otherwise, go for it.
    Getting Hurt
    It doesn't go with the setting to have the characters get maimed, stabbed, poked, or killed. The worst that can usually happen is that you're knocked out, skinned your knees, and jammed your ankle.
    Basically, this is, largely a children's story sort of game. Granted, we've brought in the ability to travel anywhere you can imagine, but the general mood is that it's a children's story. Passions are intense, but generally brief. Alliances come and go depending on whim. Sex and violence generally don't exist here. Married couples just go to sleep when they go to bed, and sometimes kiss. Gross.

    Oh, and be sure to put Big Letters in front of Important Words.