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Character Creation

Instructions: Come up with a concept. Pick an occupation, a primary attribute, and a spiff. If you get your character in before the convention, you may have two spiffs. Race is a little fast and loose, and is largely reflected in the Spiffs you take. A Lord of Chaos might have “Minor Noble” and “Limited Shapeshift.” A demon might have "Tough as Nails" and "Ace in the Hole." Again: This is all pretty fast and loose. For Rebman characters, please see Rebma Confidental.


Free Agent: Odd-job man for hire. Sometimes someone needs a bodyguard. Sometimes they need an investigator. Sometimes they just need a message delivered. You’re the person they come to. This could function as a P.I., a consulting detective or even a mercenary.

Spy: Maybe you are in the area posing as a merchant. Maybe you’re just there as part of a consulate. Maybe you are an agent of a House that wants to keep tabs on the underworld. Maybe you’re a local who’s willing to sell out his homeland for a few extra ducats. Either way your loyalties (and your income) are tied to somewhere outside of the area. This loyalty could lie close by or at the other end of existence.

Constable: Technically speaking, the Constabulary works for the Crown. Technically. The reality is that there are several layers of bureaucracy between you and the Lord High Constable. And several more layers of ministers and officials between the LHC and the King. Depending on your spiffs, this could represent any of a number of law enforcement jobs, from a jackbooted thug to a special investigator.

Criminal: You make your living by subverting the laws of the Crown. You may be a leg breaker for a crime lord. You could be an information broker running out of the back of a bar. It largely depends on the spiffs you choose.


This game uses, to a limited degree, the four standard ADRPG attributes. Instead of having a point value, there are a series of ranks:

  • Mook: On par with a standard “human.”
  • Gritty: A talented human.
  • Hard-Boiled: A very talented human.
  • Untouchable: High end of human ability.
Each PC starts out at Mook level, and may upgrade one attribute to Gritty for free. Additional improvements to attributes may be made by spending an appropriate Spiff.

The four attributes are interpreted differently from the rule book:

Pysche: This does not provide telepathy through eye contact or physical contact. Nor does it provide psychic manipulation, surgery or even “mind raping.” At best, you may be able to daze or stun someone over a Trump contact. On the other hand, this attribute covers social interaction and stealth. Magical abilities depend heavily on this ability. You must have at least a Gritty Psyche to:

  • Activate a Trump or wrought mirror.
  • Sense a previously unknown waygate in Chaos. You can still use waygates in general with only Mook Psyche, but only if you know where they are.
  • Sense a Shadow path in the Amber area. As with waygates, you can still follow a Shadow path in Amber, but only if you know where they are.
  • Summon a filmy in Chaos.
Warfare: Most of the physical aspects of this attribute have been stripped out. This attribute mainly covers tactical reasoning, ranged combat and most formal dueling situations. You can, in theory, use this with something like a sword or staff to buy a bit of time and moving room. However, a significant Strength advantage negates the usefulness of such a tactic.

Strength: This covers most physical abilities. Running, jumping, beating someone down. In hand-to-hand combat, this attribute is more heavily weighted than Warfare.

This functions about the same as in the book. While not everyone necessarily has the extreme regenerative ability typical of a normal “Amber” character, this game will likely not last long enough for that to be relevant.


Ace in the Hole: You have some sort of special attack: a poisonous bite, diamond-hard claws, the ability to breath fire, a dart-launching parasite lodged in your abdomen. This is much more potent than fighting with your bare knuckles. This could, alternately, represent some other special racial ability. Like aquatic adaptation, fire resistance, etc.

Dirty Bastard: Terms of engagement are for pussies. You gain an extra edge in stand-up fights courtesy of knives up your sleeves, knees to the crotch or some other skullduggery. You are at your best, though, when it comes to stabbing people in the back or shooting them from hiding.

Don’t Get Cute: You are intimidating. While some people use threats of violence to get what they want, you can just lay down a mean stink-eye and people will stop in their tracks or start blabbing information. This only works if you have a higher Psyche than your opponent.

Duelist: You are an expert at some traditional dueling weapon or combination of dueling weapons: rapier and main-gauche, trisp and fandon, pistols, etc. While using that weapon, you are deadly in most situations and almost unstoppable in a formal duel. You likely are the type to pose as a stand-in combatant when a duel of honor is to occur.

Dumb Luck: What you lack in skill and ability, you make up for in absurd good fortune.

Goody: You possess a magical item of moderate potency. A Pit-forged blade, a Trump deck, a scrying glass, etc. Alternately, this could be a creature such as a guard animal or a familiar.

Hedge Mage: You dabble in an assortment of magics and possess and eclectic blend of sorcery and conjuration. The exact angle of your magical ability depends on your profession. You also possess an item that allows you to rack 3 spells within it. Note that this less resembles the Amber Diceless sorcery rules, and more of a gritty, organic low-powered approach to magic.

Limited Shapeshifter: You have one alternate form and can sculpt your features. Your alternate form can have some perk that your normal form does not have such as armor, venomed claws, or some other nifty ability.

Made Man: You work for a local crime lord, and may be able to draw upon his resources in times of need. (Assuming it’s worth his time.)

Minion: You have a person that is loyal to you and does your work. He may have one Spiff.

Minor Noble: You are the extra, unwanted child of a noble house. This could be a House in Chaos, or a noble line in Amber. You could even be of the Amberite royal blood. You do not have any power derived from this. You are, after all, slumming in Chaos for a reason. But in times of need you can contact your family and ask them for help.

Nothing Up Your Sleeve: You are a master of sleight of hand. Picking pockets, cup-and-ball games and common parlor tricks are all within your realm of mastery.

Pit-Diver: You have learned how to swim through the raw proto-Shadow that dwells in the Abyss and protect yourself against some of the environmental dangers found there.

Talented: You may increase an attribute by another notch. This may be one that you’ve already increased, or a different one.

Tough as Nails: Whether it’s due to an armored hide, uncanny resilience, alien anatomy or dumb luck, you can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. You can typically resist the equivalent of a gunshot wound or two and still be okay. For some characters, this may simply mean they are very good at avoiding damage.

Vet: You served in the armies of Chaos and fought in the Patternfall War. As such, you have seen much of Shadow. You are able to speak a smattering of languages throughout Shadow (and all the dirty words of even more), have a very good sense of Shadow geography, and still have friends in the Chaos military that you draw upon in times of need.

Well-Connected: You have extensive contacts throughout Chaos. They may not necessarily be interested in actively helping, but they might be able to provide information.

Past Characters

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Byzan (I, II): Notable merchant in DaggerWays, believed to have loyalties elsewhere.

Fern (I): Constable noted for his ability to bud off smaller versions of himself.

Isabelle (IV): Matron of "The House," an establishment near Demon Town

Jiaozhàde (I, II, III): Odd job man, having worked variously as a pit diver, a pickpocket, a dealer in the Double Deuce and an agent for House Jesby.

Jol "Finder" Do'Ec (I): Free agent known for his ability to find people and things as well as his reckless disregard for personal safety. Rumored to have a streak of noble blood back there a ways.

Khalid (III, IV): A poorly disguised noble who denies any noble connections while dropping hints at having friends in high places.

Mace Calahan (I): Free agent known for being a tough lug with an alleged connection to a time-travelling saloon.

Oriana (III, IV): Fortune teller operating out of Dagger Ways.

Precious (II, III, IV): Senior Way Marshal in the DaggerWays constabulary.

Vinnie the Bat (I, II, III, IV): Proprietor of one of the more popular restaurants in DaggerWays, he has a reputation for having a reach far beyond the walls of his diner. This reputation is aided in no small part by his very extended family.

Past Games

Pulp Chaos (2005): Brand and Deirdre's remains were recovered from the Abyss only to be stolen, a member of the Amber royal family disappeared with his girlfriend and an agent of the Serpent Guard was snooping around DaggerWays. These three events were linked by a cult dedicated to worshing Prince Caine in the form of the "Green Knight."

Pulp Chaos 2: The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (2006): A powerful magical artifact was being smuggled in from the Black Zone, with Vinnie's Diner as its penultimate stop. Several factions wanted this artifact, from Lords of Chaos to Amber spies to minor crime lords. What only a few knew was that the artifact is bogus and was carrying something more ominous inside.

Pulp Chaos 3: As Time Goes By (2007): A serial killer had been terrorizing DaggerWays, exclusively attacking slumming Lords and Ladies of Chaos, draining them dry of blood. After a few seasons of this the Crown had to draw a line. Either the killings had to stop or Dagger Ways will be cut loose into the Pit. What few suspected was that the murderer was a high ranking Lord of Chaos who died during Patternfall and his killing spree was all that maintained his tenuous existence.

Pulp Chaos 4: Big Trouble in Little Amber (2008): An unknown agent is working to smuggle bullets that work in Amber out of Amber as part of a larger strike against the royal family. Among those looking to stop the agent is the ghost of Prince Brand, for the mastermind behind this scheme is his son Rinaldo.


A Brief History

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According to the Book of the Serpent Hung Upon the Tree of Matter, the first Lord of Chaos was, in fact, a woman named Lilith. Consort to the Serpent, she gave form to Shadow by drawing upon the energies of a node of raw Chaos known as the Pit. The artifact she created to accomplish this became known as the Logrus, and she was the first Keeper of the Logrus.

From her unions with the Serpent, she birthed many a child. Each was a Lord or Lady of Chaos capable of initiating into the Logrus. Each in turn begat their own lineages. These came to be known as the Houses of Chaos. These Houses formed an oligarchy over Chaos, each sharing rule of the land.

After countless eons, Houses died or split into new Houses. Their only common tie was their lineal tie to Lilith and the Serpent. It was from a relatively new and insignificant House that treachery was born. A power-mad genius named Dworkin stole potent artifacts from Chaos and fled into deepest untamed Shadow to create his own node of power. This new icon of power was abhorrent to behold, and nearly tore all of existence asunder. Many died in the Shadowstorms wrought by this malignant artifact.

In the ensuing confusion and civil revolt one Lord, named Swayville, rose up and established peace in the Courts of Chaos. The price for this unification was steep. Swayville made himself King, and exalted the Houses each of his children founded, while marginalizing the others.

Swayville ruled for thousands of years before the scions of the Betrayer made contact with the Courts. Three of Dworkin’s descendants, claiming to hail from a place called Amber, sought to gain power over the realm that Dworkin had founded. The Houses of Chaos were divided regarding what stance to take with regards to Amber, but Swayville pushed for an agenda of war.

The war turned ugly, and Chaos ultimately lost to the baleful forces of Amber. Now, thirteen years have passed by Amber reckoning, and the curtain opens.


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The DaggerWays are a collection of ways that have been culled from assorted dead Houses or stitched together by rogue Shadowmasters. Here are some notable features:

Lord Devril of House Hendrake, Sheriff of DaggerWays: The local agent of the Crown in DaggerWays

Castagir: A former merchant lord from the Black Zone kingdom of Tyr. Like many of aristocracy there, he has a non-required predilection towards hemovorism. He is the undisputed head of the criminal underworld in DaggerWays.

Baal’s Bistro: In one of the nicer stretches of DaggerWays, this is the “in” place to eat. The prices are absurd, the food is exquisite and the security is heavy. It’s heavily frequented by bored Lords of Chaos, the up-and-coming nouveau riche and the higher-end criminal elements.

Better By the Minute: A bar catering to pit divers. It sets up shop in precarious Ways that are on the verge of falling into the Pit, providing an outstanding view of the Pit that only gets better as time passes. They abandon it before the Way falls in.

The Copper Whistle: A small inn, notable also for it's willingness to accept messages for anonymous patrons.

The Double Deuce: Gambling den run by the Deuce brothers, Red and Black, a couple of aspiring crime bosses. East Crembly Ways: A smaller subset of common Ways loosely affiliated with DaggerWays. It is the home of several institutes of higher education and trade schools sponsored by the Nobles of Chaos to provide a skilled workforce close to home. These range from the Marwin Morpheus School for the Liberal Arts to the Pit Diver's Institute.

The Sheltering Coils Temple and Mission House: This is a small church of the Serpent, built inside of a dry, warm cave. In addition to worship every cycle, this also offers a soup kitchen to the poor of DaggerWays.

Trader Dave’s: One of many seedy bars in DaggerWays. Owned by a human-like creature named Mick, this bar occupies a Shadow fragment that appears to consist of a 200 foot long palm-tree leaf that occasionally bobs gently in the breeze.

The Vagabond Market: Built on the deck of a battleship floating on a sea of grape jelly, this is the largest of the public market areas in DaggerWays. Don’t eat the jelly.

Background Information on the Courts of Chaos

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Major Houses: These are the Houses descended from King Swayville. The head of each household is a Duke (or Duchess), and any of the descendants from the House may also be called a “Prince” or a “Lord.” The eldest son may also be referred to as a Duke.

There are 20 Major Houses, including Hendrake, Sawall, Jesby, Chanicut and Helgram

Old Houses: These are the other Houses of Chaos that existed prior to Swayville’s rise to power. Most hold the title of Marquis or Earl, though some that did not curry favor with Swayville early on received demotions to lesser titles. Scions of these houses may only claim the title of “Lord.”

There are 50 Old Houses, including such groups as Amblerash, Triton and Anwp.

Minor Houses: These are young Houses established by King Swayville. They were either founded by younger members of existing Houses, or else were established by prominent commoners or demons. Many do not have any connection to Lilith, and hence are unable to walk the Logrus. Many Minor Houses try to arrange marriages with daughters of Major and Old Houses to gain that power. Heads of Minor Houses usually only bear the titles Viscount or Baron, and their scions are considered “Lords.”

There are over a hundred Minor Houses, with names that include Morpheus, Circe and Urqhart.

The Church of the Serpent: An ancient and sprawling institution, the ordained priests of this faith forsake their ties to temporal power. However, many a high-ranking clergyman has dabbled in politics. The symbol of the Church is the eight-rayed arrows of Undivided Chaos, with the Serpent woven between the branches.

The Black Watch: Agents of the Crown. They are also responsible for protecting heirs to the throne in the event of Swayville’s death.

The Serpent Guard: Agents of the Church. They are responsible for protecting holy sites, guarding pilgrimage routes and dealing with heresy.

The Constabulary: While most Houses have their own security force, the Crown has established a law-enforcement body to establish order in the common areas. The Lord High Constable oversees the organization, with Sheriffs responsible for different legislative areas. As far as the common creature of Chaos is concerned, the Constabulary is the law.

Free Agents: This describes a broad category of employment in Chaos, representing a mix of private investigator, bravo and bounty hunter. Free agents differ from mercenaries in that they don’t function in any militaristic capacity.

Shadowmaster Guild: In the world of frayed Shadows that make up the Courts of Chaos, these are the carpenters and plumbers who stitch together these Shadows.

Demons: A non-human creature native to the Courts of Chaos or the Abyss that is not descended from Lilith. The spectrum of creatures that qualify as demons is so broad, that it seems to be more a matter of tradition than any specific taxonomy. Unless specifically recognized as a free citizen of Chaos, they are little more than chattel.

Commoners: The free citizenry of Chaos that is not affiliated with any House due to lineage or enslavement. Most are vaguely humanoid, but on occasion a demon manages to obtain freedom.

Slaves: A sentient creature kept for service by the Lords of Chaos. Most slaves in Chaos are demons, but occasional humanoid thralls are brought in from Shadow. Also, slavery is a common punishment for commoners who break minor laws. Slaves are bound to obedience by layers of high compelling. A slave can earn his freedom in a variety of fashions, and once set free cannot be made a slave again. Some groups are dedicated to the abolition of slavery as an institution and break enslavement spells whenever possible. Escaped slaves must hide in the common Ways of the Courts and hope that they don’t get caught, or they must flee into Shadow.

Way Marshals: The brute squad of the constabulary, geared towards entering dangerous situations while armed to the teeth.


The Pit: The node of Primal Chaos that powers the Logrus. Some have said it looks like the cycle of creation and destruction that some universes go through: A Big Bang followed after a time by the Big Crunch. The Pit will spit out churning and spiraling lines of energy through the Abyss, which are then sucked back in. On occasion solid things are also spat out: swords, station wagons, creatures. Tempered by the forces of raw Chaos, they are considered almost indestructible.

The Abyss: Unlike other interpretations out there, this Abyss does not represent a place of entropy or destruction. Instead, it is simply a big Nothing that contains the Pit and the Core, plus the occasional debris that either falls in from above or is spat out from the Pit. The stuff of Shadow, unbound by either Pattern or Logrus, is easy to manipulate in this area. Anyone with sufficient will can mold the area to his will. This includes making small platforms to ride across the Abyss, or moving rocks around.

The Core: This is a giant chunk of Reality that houses the Logrus, the Thelbane, and other important locations. Some say it is made from the body of a dead god. It floats above the Abyss.

The Plaza at the End of the World: An expansive park and statue garden at the center of the Core. It is bordered by such important buildings as the Cathedral of the Serpent and the Thelbane.

The Thelbane: The royal palace of Chaos. It looks like a giant erect serpent. Yes, they’ve heard all the jokes.

The Cathedral of the Serpent: The central place of worship for the Serpentine faith. It is located on the portion of the Core closest to the Pit, and has a remarkable view.

The Rim: This is the edge of the Core that is closest to the Pit. Beyond this point, even Lords of Chaos are hesitant to venture. Some do build ways that extend out past the Rim for any number of reasons, the biggest being “an excellent view.” The snarky counterpoint being “And it gets better every minute.” Anything bordering on sane and rational physical laws break down entirely into non-Euclidean fragments, mathematical abstractions, and quantum foam. Many breeds of demon call this no-man’s land home, especially the realms where physical forms are not possible. Also, many use this barren wasteland as a convenient place to fight duels of honor away from the eyes of authority. It’s also a great place to dump a body.

“The Rim” can also refer to the giant cliff where conventional Shadow ends and you run into the Abyss and the Core. There are numerous small enclaves that live in this area, mainly Pit-divers, and it was in this region where the final battle of Patternfall was fought.

The Ways: The term used to describe a vast horde of Shadows stitched together by trained Shadowmasters who use the ambient energies of Logrus to solidify the tatters of Shadow that exist around Chaos. Only the Major Houses allowed to have Ways that touch upon the Core, but they often allow public access through these areas.

Common Ways: A general term used to describe Ways that are not controlled by any Houses. These are often the Ways of dead Houses that have been taken over by commoners and expanded by rogue shadowmasters.


“I'd forgotten they don't serve absinthe here. I had to make do with a frozen marguerita."
- Fiona, Trumps of Doom
Absinthe: The Courts have absinthe the way Mexico has tequila. It comes in varying degrees of quality, from the most refined beverages served by nobility to the murkiest crap served in dive bars with a giant sugar bowls in the center of the table.

Blood: Those of Chaotic origin tend to burn when wounded. This is not to say they don’t have blood. But in some places the blood bursts into flames when exposed to air. It varies depending on a lot of subtle and weird cosmological laws.

Filmies: A platform of raw Shadow-stuff formed by concentrated will and used to cross the Abyss.

Pit-Forged Goods: Items spewed out by the Pit. They are generally indestructible and weapons made of this hold a good edge.

Pit-Gold: This is a blackish-gold metal spat out by the Pit. Though indestructible like all Pit-forged items, it is malleable and can be made into coins. The material is impossible to adequately forge and cannot be found in Shadow, making it an ideal form of currency. Typically only the wealthy possess any Pit-gold.

Time: Each Way has a slightly different flow of time. While there are few extremes, most are relatively close. Still, conventional time is harder to tell. Instead, time is based off of the color of the sky in relation to the Core.

The sky is divided evenly between inky blackness and swirling colors. The Core can be thought of the hand of a sundial, pointing at a portion of the striped sky of Chaos. When the swirling colors are closest to the Core, the color is based off of the portion of the sky at the horizon. When there are no colors near the Core, then it is based off of the color on the opposite horizon.

There are five units of reckoning time in Chaos: Skies, turnings, cycles, seasons and years. A “sky” is simply the span of time that a particular is within phase for the Core. This equals about an hour and a half. There are 8 skies to a “turning” which is a run of all the colors in the sky: white, blue, green, purple, brown, orange, yellow and red. When the colors are closest to the core it’s called a “light-turning” and when it’s farthest from the core it’s called a “dark-turning.” You can think of this as AM and PM. There are two turnings to a cycle, which is equivalent to a day. There are 30 cycles to a season, and 10 seasons to a year.

Trisp and Fandon: Traditional dueling equipment of Chaos. A trisp (also known as a trisliver) is a short, spear-like device with three razor-thin prongs on the tip. By squeezing the haft of the trisp, it fires out three beams of energy to a distance of about 8 feet for one second. These beams cut flesh to a depth of ¾”, which can be lethal in places with major veins or after numerous small wounds, but otherwise it’s mainly good at fighting till first blood. A fandon is a 3-foot long shield of filmy mesh, weighted at one end and designed to scatter the beams of the trisp.


Demon Town

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During Gérard's regency and the destruction of the Black Road, straggling remnants of the Chaosian army were trapped in Amber. After a few years of intermittent conflict, Gérard and the trapped Lords of Chaos reached an informal peace agreement, anchored around political marriages and heavy concessions from the Chaosians. (This agreement was not officially finalized until the Random and Swayvil signed the Patternfall Treaty.)

The Chaosians were only allowed to reside within the city (though some ended up emigrating to Rebma). The more human-seeming Lords of Chaos had some degree of freedom about the city. Their less human forces were relegated to an out-of-the-way neighborhood near the docks and the warehouse district. The area had been used in the past to provide residence for not-really-wanted non-humans: weir, occasional visitors from less human parts of the Golden Circle, Ri'ikan and Avernian soldiers who had been left behind by Corwin and Bleys after their assault on Amber. Prior to Patternfall, the area was usually referred to by the primary street than ran through it: Foxglove Court. This would often end up being abbreviated as "the Glove" or "the Court." With the sudden influx of Chaosian residents it gained an assortment of more colorful monikers: Demon Town, Chaos Town, Little Chaos and the Pit are the most common.

Within the last year the Crown has formally recognized it as a distinct neighborhood in terms of administration of the city, under the title "Foxglove District." It has been assigned its own ministers, council members and constabulary precinct. The point of friction this has caused is that none of the local representation is actually local. Though some of the residents are allowed to hold low ranking positions, all of the higher ranking positions are occupied by Amber natives appointed to their role by King Random. The only Chaosian of any standing in terms of the crown is Lady Corinda Hendrake, a former commander in the armies of Chaos who now serves "special liaison" to the crown regarding affairs pertaining to the Foxglove District.

Some people and places of note include:

Lady Corinda Hendrake: A hellmaid with an impressive military career behind her, she was among the commanders trapped in Amber that eventually sued for peace. As part of the peace settlement, she consented to a political marriage to one of the younger sons of Baron Bryce (one of the few nobles left behind in Amber during Patternfall). While some expatriate Lords of Chaos have divorced themselves from the slums of "Demon Town," she has instead worked to better promote the needs of all who originally hail from Chaos, exulting in her heritage rather than trying to hide it. This attitude has earned her enemies from both native Amberites and Chaosian immigrants.

Chemich'k: Hailing from a race of strange and alien creatures that dwell in the fragmented realities beyond the Rim, Chemich'k was one of several "demons" to be enslaved and weaponized during Patternfall. Freed from slave status during the armistice in Gérard's regency, he found himself providing de facto protection services in a neighborhood that the Amber constabulary would only enter in force. With a mixture of luck, forsight and innately inhuman ruthlessness, Chemich'k has managed to make himself the most successful crime lord operating out of Demon Town. Bloody battles with the native crime lords of the city were common early on, but he's managed to work out a tensen and uneasy truce with many of them.

Tembus Fent: Archbishop of the Church of the Serpent in Amber, Rebma and the Golden Circle. The Church of the Serpent has only minimal presence in the area of Amber and no power to speak of. The main temple in the area is located in Demon Town. There is a second temple in Rebma in the neighborhood known as Undertow. It has not yet had reason or ability to build temples elsewhere.

The Crazy Eight: Though many family owned restaurants offer "authentic Chaos cuisine," and there is no concensus regarding what the best place to go for the "authentic" experience is. The Crazy Eight, however, is the most prominent restaurant offering what claims to be "fine Chaosian dining." Many of the dishes are tamed down or represent a fusion of Chaos and Golden Circle cuisine in order to make it more palatable for "adventurous" of the Amber elite.

The House: Not technically part of Demon Town, but the owner has had some significant involvement in Demon Town events. Part brothel, part tavern, it is less well known as a place where information can be had for a price.

The Rockgut: One of several down and dirty demon watering holes, this one is owned and operated by a pit-demon known as Fritz.

Royal Family of Amber

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Though there's over a dozen children of Oberon known to still be alive, very few are involved with the functioning of Amber.

Random: King.

Benedict: Advisor to the crown regarding military affairs. It is rare that he becomes directly involved in any military conflict in Amber.

Bleys: Diplomatic liaison to the Golden Circle.

Fiona: Advisor to the crown regarding arcane matters.

Julian: General of the Army, protector of Arden. Chaosians who seek to live outside of the city invariably run afoul of him.

Caine: In addition to his role as diplomatic liaison to the Golden Circle, Caine is also said to be head of an informal information network known as "the Daggers." The orginization is said to date back to the reign of King Eric and has only grown in power and influence since then. It is uncertain how far his influence into Demon Town gos. Though other members of the royal family have their own agents through the city, few carry the sinister reputation the Daggers have earned.

Gérard: Admiral of the Fleet. Is clearly known to many Chaosians through his role in brokering the peace settlement during his regency.

Lord Clive, Earl of Laris: Son of Caine. No official role in Amber, but is worth noting because he had been abducted by the Cult of the Green Knight and was rescued by a mixture of DaggerWays constabularies and other "concerned locals."