Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose
-La Vie en Rose (English version)
La Vie en Rose is an Amber game set five years after the Patternfall War. Billed as a literary tragedy, the characters each have tragic flaws that will most likely lead to their doom. That's about all we've been told. Once we actually know what's going on, I'll update this further. However, do not fear: Despite the fact that this is a tragedy, it has not curbed our whack-ass sense of humor in the slightest.

As with all my campaign sites, I've decided to be a clever git and have creative names for my navigation. In the off chance that you don't speak French, haven't figured out that if you move mouse over the graphics you (should) get a translation, and/or you have JavaScript turned off because you're a Luddite, here's the quick breakdown.

  • La Distiribution - The Cast. This contains information about the player characters, as well as notes on important non-player characters.
  • Le Cadre - The Setting. This contains information about the places that characters may go. Shadows, locations in Amber, closets most frequently hidden in, etc.
  • Les Règles - The Rules. This is where we stick essays on cosmology, partial point systems, and other things to explain Why We Did It This Way.
  • Les Citations - The Quotes. 'Nuff said.
  • Les Évenéments - Events. This is where our session logs will go.
Questions/comments about the game can be sent to Andi Blija, as Glynis has spotty email access. Questions/comments about the site can go to Jeremy Zimmerman. Snooty comments about the French translations used on this site will be dutifully ignored.

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