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One Hit Wonders: Star Wars

I’m crazy behind on these. It wasn’t much more than a couple months ago that I did my last one, and we’ve had three installments since then. Yikes. My life has gotten busy with work and a new girlfriend and starting a new campaign, so I’ve neglected typing this information up. But now I’ve got a post-con report for AmberCon to write, and I figure if I don’t get these done before I get the con recap done, then these will never get done. Since our next One Hit Wonders is in just over a week, the heat is kinda on.

As mentioned before, this was game used the revised 2nd edition rules of the old d6 Star Wars system. This OHW covered two different things: Taking the old d6 system for a spin and seeing if I could play a roleplaying game without actually being able to communciate.

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