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Newsily bits.

The main news is not about me, but rather about my special lady friend. She has had her first piece of fiction published by Crossed Genres. I encourage you to take a moment and check out her steampunk story, The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue.

Wily Writers has a story up by Jeff Grub. I guess they’re kind of a big deal now or something. =)

I have pretty much finished my short for my class workshop. It has patches I’m not certain about, but I don’t know how to fix them. I figure I’ll offer it up to the workshopping gods, and see what happens. I had intended to submit this to Crossed Genres, but it was based off of the assumption that their genre “Gadgets & Artifacts” also had “Toys” in the name. But either I misremembered or they changed it. I’ll see what their more robust description says in a month. =P

The check is apparently in the mail for the game I wrote some five years ago. The pitches by the game company for other stuff they’d like me to work on haven’t tickled my fancy as yet.

I spent Saturday not doing a lick of writing. Instead, I played some video games I hadn’t gotten to in a while. It was GLORIOUS.

Dog’s barking, can’t fly without umbrella.

I feel like I’m slowing down. Probably a mix of burnout and deadlines being behind me. I finished the first pass on my short story for class and emailed it to the special lady friend for feedback and editing.

Class is going well. At the very least I think I’m getting everything done and I at least entertain my other classmates with my writing exercises.

I’ve been approached to work on another roleplaying game. My hopes are not very high. The person has offered to pay me for some previous work I’ve done but such payment has not manifested.

Nothing has moved forward with me being in the Kansas workshop. I sent the info to my mom, and have gotten only a minimal response in return. I’ll probably have to either figure out an alternate payment route or just give up on going this year. A little disappointing, but I’m feeling less confident lately.

I think that’s about it. Come March, I’ll start having monthly deadlines for short stories that are due places. I will probably also try to shop some of my other stories around. I’ve got leads on some additional venues I may try out.

My brain feels like an over-squeezed lemon.

Work on writing last night got borked when I remembered that I wanted to go to the Buddhist Center, especially since someone I hadn’t seen in years was visiting from England. So I went out and got my dharma on.

Today has been spent at the Wayward, working on my synopsis for A Sunless Garden and doing a first round of polish for the excerpt. Since the girl has unexpected email access out in BFE, I will email my stuff off to her. Once I get some feedback and do a second wave of changes, I’ll probably start begging people to give it another round of looking.
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This is where my money meets my mouth.

After making my LJ post earlier, I spent a long bus ride home brooding over how stupid my reasons for dithering seemed.

So, with a small loan from the special lady friend, I’ve signed up for the short story course. If I go insane, well… this is why. But if writing is really my goal, I cannot in good conscience blow this off.

In two weeks, the class begins.


These are the times that try men’s souls.

A friend of mine brought to my attention this link:

This led me into a whole realm of learning about UCLA’s distance learning program for writers. The classes planetalyx talks about sound awesome, and a whole wealth of other classes of a similar bent also sounds awesome.
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