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28 Days of Night Vale Later

So, I got involved in one of those secret penpal things on Tumblr. A couple of them actually. One in particular was through a Welcome to Night Vale blog which paired up users with secret penpals. We were to write to them throughout February and reveal our secret identities on the 28th. It wasn’t an ideal thing, since my penpal never contacted me, the organizer got huffy when I had asked indirectly about it (because there had been previously posted instructions), and the person I was the secret penpal for never acknowledged receipt of anything I sent her.

But I had a stupid amount of fun writing these. So after the first couple days I started sending them to Dawn as well. And then I thought, “I should just post these all on my blog!”

I hope you enjoy one of my brief forays into, “This is sorta like fanfic, isn’t it?” Besides Night Vale, the only things I knew my secret penpal was into were Avengers and Supernatural. So if you’re wondering why there are superheroes and an Impala in Night Vale, that’s why.
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Boxes, a quote, and a melon.

I’m waiting for the Malware scanner to finish on the girlfriend’s PC before I run off to work on my writing. So I have some random thoughts to offer, and a comment on writing progress.

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Some other news

I received word that my flash fiction piece for 10Flash has been accepted. I believe that will come out in October. I have come to no conclusions regarding my general feeling about flash fiction. I think if I try to write more flash, I will shoot for Every Day Fiction. (Unless, of course, I feel inspired by the next theme for 10Flash.)

Also, I finally finished the last steps in my Web site upgrade. You can see it here. I feel like I’ve entered the 21st century. Only took me a decade.

Other writing projects are inching along. I realized I was a month off on my submission for the Rock is Dead anthology. In a good way, even. It’s due in July and I thought it was June. I’ve shifted focus to my submission for Cobalt City Timeslip. It’s not my most pending deadline, but I don’t feel inspired regarding my other projects these days.

Win, Lose or Write

Not the most productive of weeks. The girlfriend and I both came down with the plague, leaving both of us less interested in writing. We spent the weekend sucking on cough drops and catching up on Lost. (We’re now only a season behind.) Monday and Tuesday were both shot between tripping on my cold medicine and discovering the horrible, horrible crack that is Plants vs. Zombies.

Also sapping enthusiasm is just… I don’t know, not feeling the writing love. Something just isn’t clicking. What I really need to do is just hit the keyboard
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Hip deep in evil.

I’ve gotten two pieces off my check list submitted. I already heard back from K.C. Ball regarding my submission to 10 Flash. She hasn’t accepted it, but she asked for me to resubmit with some changes. So that’s promising. I’ve got until mid-May to do that. I’ve got my submission in to Crossed Genres. It closes doors tonight at midnight (Eastern time). Probably sometime within the next week I’ll get word. I feel really good about this piece, but that’s never been a promising sign in the past. =P

It would be nice to have something new on the airwaves. It’s been six months since I’ve gotten something picked up and a couple months since anything new has appeared, in part because I haven’t been as productive with class and all.

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Interesting. As in, “Oh god, oh god, we’re all going to die.”

It’s been almost two weeks since I last updated. Yowzers. My usual venues for screwing around have dwindled up, so I haven’t had much time to update this. If I’ve had time for writing, I’ve tried to use it for writing. So I got that going for me.

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