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Quick bits.

Got my pre-order copies of the Crossed Genres Year One. Pretty excited to have it in hand. Got some extra copies, and I’m trying to decide what to do with them. At least one is being sent to a friend who does book reviews. Another is going to my mom. I have two others I need to decide on.

As part of Crossed Genre‘s Post a Story for Haiti, I put up Golden Apples for people to read. There is a donation link for Doctors Without Borders if you feel generous.

Went to my first member meeting for PNWA. The place was packed, likely because the meeting featured a local agent who was going to talk about writing synopses. This was a hot topic, since PNWA has a literary contest coming up and novelists are expected to provide a synopsis. The agent set off a bit of alarm when she gave some… non-standard advice regarding the topic. There was a lot of good advice, though, and I’m starting to feel a little intimidated by my own work on my synopsis.

That’s it for now. I’m going to stumble off to bed.

Looking for a home

My first short story Crossed Genres accepted from me, the sci-fi/fantasy mashup entitled “Golden Apples,” has reverted back to me. They have non-exclusive rights to it still for another year, but I’m otherwise free to shop it around.

The challenge is: I don’t know what to do with it. It’s short, 1632 words. It fit their criteria but is a little short for what I’ve seen other magazines request. It’s also not new and I can’t offer exclusive rights to anyone.

Is there a market for such things? Peanut gallery?