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Interesting Post on Game Design

I swear, Rob Donoghue’s blog is one of my favorite things to read regarding game design. I find the man very inspirational. I ignore a lot of podcasts and forums on the topic, as they don’t interest me. But I continue to find Rob engaging and approachable in his thoughts.

In this post he talks about minimalist game design and it’s relation to “crunch.” What I found particularly amusing is the comments which highlight that other people have already head the same thoughts as I did about the “game” aspect of roleplaying games, though admitedly from a completely opposite bias.

A fun link.

I have a post or three brewing, but for now, a link to Delta Green co-creator Dennis Dettweiler’s blog, in which he describes how he himself runs Delta Green. The money quote for me, which I recommend to anyone who has had the good fortune to meet Scott Glancy face to face, is:

In one memorable game, this lead Delta Green co-creator Scott Glancy to utter in despair “I don’t like A-Cell”.

The thought of Scott Glancy knowing despair fills me with cold chills.

Oh, it burns.

I have a post I’m working on, but in the meantime, I offer you this:

I get the impression that it (and most of the rest of the blog) is meant to be tongue in cheek. Honestly, my immediate reaction was to have PTSD flashbacks and foam a bit.

Then it occured to me that I’ve similarly tried to impose my own gaming ideals on others, especially in games I’ve run. In my defense, most people at least find me entertaining.