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Quick update

Writing has been coming out in drips and drabs. I finally finished my first stab at the outline for the novella, and now I have the lovely wife reading it over to provide feedback. My next deadline is to get a first draft of the outline plus the first chapter to the publisher by early September.

Submissions are still floating out in limbo. I haven’t had time to ping any of the markets to find out if they had any interest.

The next issue of Arcane Magazine, which might be when my story “Kiss of Death” will appear, has been pushed back from July to October due to poor sales of the first issue. I’m a little surprised that they expected to break even with the first issue, but I also know little of the publishing end of things. All I’ve successfully done as the owner of a small business is run it into the ground.

I’m also considering consolidating my gaming blog into this blog, and mirroring it all into bolthy.com. I’m open to any feedback you might have for this.