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NorWesCon 2010 After Action Report

So, I had my first real exposure to Norwescon. I’d had limited visits in the past. Several years ago I attended on Thursday only and sat in on, like, one or two panels. (I remember one with Mike Pondsmith, whose words encouraged me to pursue game design. Hm.) Another time I dropped in to have drinks with friends who were attending. And one year I lucked into having a table in the dealer room.

But this was my first year buying a full membership, staying in the hotel and attending a crap ton of panels. So, here is my general commentary on the experience.

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Mapping out the road ahead.

I got my short story, which I decided to title “Thus Have I Heard,” sent off to Crossed Genres a couple days ago. My class is basically over. I just need to cull the critiques I got for my story from the boards so that I can refer to them later. I have Norwescon this weekend.

So now, I look to… the future!
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Another Day in the Word Mines

Class is starting to wind down. We’re in the work-shopping phase, which is sort of a mixed blessing. On the upside hand, I’m getting really rigorous and relentless feedback. On the downside, I’m getting really rigorous and relentless feedback. It’s hard to face the prospect that I’m not the sparkling princess of awesome writing I hoped I was. =P I’ve gotten past the initial jolt and am feeling better, but it took me a little bit to get my feet under me.
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