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Writing in Scenes

My friend and fellow writer, John Worsley, asked me to recap what Nancy Kress taught in her workshop. So this is the very summarized view, recreated from my notes. Since I’m not the best note-taker, this whole post will be kind of rough. I’m trying to recreate the main talking points without me filling in gaps with false details that I’ve confabulated. There were also handouts, which we referred to throughout the course of the talk.

I don’t remember exactly when each page was covered, or what order they were presented in. (I’m mainly vague about #2 and #3 in terms if which came first.) I’ll try to mention them when I think they make the most sense. Part of the delay in this post was that I was waiting for PNWA to post the handouts to their site. I can guarantee the links work now. But I can’t guarantee they’ll be there forever.

For those who would like more information from the source, Nancy Kress has three books on writing that have been published:

Ms. Kress, I’d like to apologize now for any butchering or incorrect statements I make regarding what I learned.

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2011 PNWA Summer Conference: After Action Report

This year I attended my second conference run by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. This year was a very different experience from last year in many ways. It was at a different hotel, I was able to attend on Thursday and Friday, and I wasn’t pitching to any agents or editors. This led to some good moments, some bad.

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Several weeks ago, while talking about my submission to Cobalt City: Dark Carnival, my friend Torrey pointed out with faint surprise that I actually had fun writing my story about Snowflake. And, I’ll admit, I have had stupid fun writing for all the other Cobalt City stuff I’ve participated in. I can’t say that it’s strictly a matter of the publisher. My entry into Growing Dread was a very difficult thing to write. But I think overall my Cobalt City stories have allowed me the opportunity to cut loose and play with the topic a bit.
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PNWA Summer Conference: After Action Report

The weekend before last I attended the Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s Summer Conference, four days of writing seminars and pitching to agents and editors.

My short summary is, “This would have been worthwhile if I had been able to really utilize what it offered.” Because this came right on the heels of two weeks in Kansas, work was not inclined to give me any more time off. And I was out of vacation hours to boot. Plus, my novel did not get finished. And no agent wants to invest time and energy into an unfinished. novel.

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Notes from the front lines.

In a move that surprises no one, I am not one of the finalists for the PNWA Literary Contest. Though I did discover that Nathan Everett, known as Wayzgoose among the NaNoWriMo set, is a finalist! So rock on for him.

The news of the finalists is mainly of note to me because the notes from the judges are supposed to be back this week. I can then turn around and roll that feedback into the manuscript I’m working on. I may have to have a few beers before facing the criticisms, though.

In other news, Jennifer Brozek is going to be on her “Murder and Mayhem” tour with Seanan McGuire. Jennifer has a collection of short stories coming out, In a Gilded Light: 105 Tales of the Macabre while Ms. McGuire will be featuring her series, Sparrow Hill Road. I have a couple locations from an email she sent out if you want to check those out. There is probably also info to be found by examining Jennifer’s Web site

July 10, 2010, 6:30pm
Third Place Books
17171 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

July 17, 2010, 3:00pm
Borderlands Books
866 Valencia St.
San Francisco CA 94110

There’s also new flash fiction up at Wily Writers. I encourage you to go check out “The Time-Share by Fred Warren.

The wind up, the pitch.

Not going to bother with a honeydew update. It’s basically the same as before, except I’ve pecked out a little bit more on my steampunk story. I really want to at least get a submission for Wily Writers together, but my idea for that (even with brainstorming) seems much more tenuous as I poke at it more. I have vast, big concept. No actual plot.

But I do have some other thoughts regarding writing.
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Boxes, a quote, and a melon.

I’m waiting for the Malware scanner to finish on the girlfriend’s PC before I run off to work on my writing. So I have some random thoughts to offer, and a comment on writing progress.

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Lines That Do Death

So, in reviewing my schedule, we determined the easiest spot for me to free up more time would be if I got up at my normal weekday time on the weekend. So I got up at, dear gods, 4:30 this morning to work on my writing. It’s been a slow morning. I’m glad I didn’t go out gaming last night.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to work on next. So this is me talking out loud as I dig through all the stuff I want to submit to and determine the deadlines I’m looking at, while sitting on the couch with a fat and sassy orange cat.

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Mapping out the road ahead.

I got my short story, which I decided to title “Thus Have I Heard,” sent off to Crossed Genres a couple days ago. My class is basically over. I just need to cull the critiques I got for my story from the boards so that I can refer to them later. I have Norwescon this weekend.

So now, I look to… the future!
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