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Note for later

I was making a joke on my Facebook status about how I had a strong urge to play D&D 4e and watch Veronica Mars, but I didn’t think the two were related. As I considered a response from someone, the question occured to me: What if they were?

I don’t know that I’ll ever run this, but as a quick note: Adventuring academy. Dungeon delves and other adventures are a growth industry. As much as I’ve made pithy comments about a character’s backgound versus their character class, what if there was a school for people to learn how to be a Fighter or Rogue or Warlock or Barbarian or whatever.

Not sure what system I would use for it. I could justify everything from D&D4e to Savage Worlds to Best Friends to Primetime Adventures. And, heck, I don’t know when I’d ever actually have time to run it. (Maybe a one-shot at a con?) But I’ll put it on the back burner for now.

Let’s Be Bad Guys

I’ve been mulling around ideas for a D&D or D&D-like campaign. I haven’t decided what system I’m going to use, or when I’ll have time to run it, but it’s something I’ve been mulling around for a while.

Part of it comes from some ideas I noodled around back when I ran a cop game in D&D. Mainly it was a thumbing of my nose at the traditional adventurer model, where the law enforcement PCs looked down on so-called “adventurers” as mere tomb raiders and troublemakers. But that was more of a background setting piece than a cornerstone of the setting.

This idea got a bit of a surge from a quote from, if I’m recollecting properly, John Wick. I think it was from his Houses posts on Livejournal, prior to him locking his posts to private. I thought it might be in Houses of the Blooded, but I can’t find it in the PDF I have of it. But the gist of it was this: Bands of armed thugs wandering the countryside are not adventurers. They are criminals.

I attribute it to Mr. Wick because I believe it came out as he was trying to distinguish the ven of his anti-D&D game from the ageless sociopaths of D&D. But I like the idea as a setup for a D&D campaign, especially since I love the thought of using a concept from Houses to do a non-standard D&D game. It’s like… thumbing my nose at so many people at the same time.

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One Hit Wonders: Deadlands Reloaded

This last weekend, I had the first installment of what I’m call “One Hit Wonders.” It’s something I’ve tried once in the past and it died pretty quickly. The idea is just having a chance to try out games that you’ve always been curious about but have never been able to play. When I’ve tried it in the past it’s invariably been a little work intensive and hence contributed to it either failing or (when I’ve tried to get it going again) never starting in the first place.

This time around, I thought I’d try it with less work. No pre-gens. No rules summaries. Not necessarily even a lot of game prep outside of maybe reading through a sample adventure. There’d be some reading of the rules in advance to prepare, but otherwise we show up, make characters with whatever copies of the rules we have, and have a simple one-shot. Add beer and pretzels, and you’re good.

For this first run, the group chose Deadlands: Reloaded using the Savage Worlds system. Details behind the cut.

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