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Motley Institute: CharGen

Had my character creation for my Shadowrun game, “The Motley Institute,” a few weeks ago. Feeling pretty jazzed about it. You can check out the wiki to get a sense of the characters we have going. The quick version is:

  • Gay ork who used to be an Urban Brawl star.
  • Free sprite. Not spirit. Sprite.
  • Former IRA spy who is hiding in Seattle after getting into trouble in Tir na n&Oaccute;g.
  • Fire-oriented mage of Arabic descent who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
  • A former mercenary who is trying to find a life outside of killing. (He has worked up to taking care of plants.)
  • A pixie professor of parazoology who does this on the side in order to do field research for the book he’s writing.

I am so full of squee about this it hurts.
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Ranting. Gaming.

Been a while since I did a state of the gaming or anything, so I thought I’d do a quick update with a few gamer related comments. I have other stuff I want to write about here, but just haven’t had time in light of my aggressive fiction writing schedule. But here’s a few random thoughts on gaming. First, a rant about White Wolf. Then a general update about the state of my gaming.

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The Motley Institute

I’ve got another One Hit Wonder post I need to get up, but I figure I’ll wait a little before posting it. Not too long, though, since I’m theoretically running another one this upcoming Sunday.

But I figured I’d let people know that I’m going to be doing Shadowrun and I’m going to play around with a first wave of fixes that I want to try. When the girlfriend starts finding pictures of her character and asking me info about mechanics and setting, I figure I’ve been put on notice that I’ll be doing a command performance for Her Grace, the Duchess of Yarn-Craft.
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