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One week with 99% less high fructose corn syrup

Well, seven days later I weighed in again. I had only one item with a high probability of having HFCS, a “pepperoni dog” at the Orange Julius in the Seattle Center. (I also fudged at the coffee shop this morning, but that was after weigh in.) There was no other significant change in my diet. I ate other things with sugar, I ate out several times, I didn’t consciously change my calorie intake (aside from not drinking non-diet soft drinks), I didn’t get in anything more than incidental exercise.

The result?

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An Experiment in Diet

In totally non-writing related news, the wife and I have been trying to cut out high fructose corn syrup. For her it’s been part of a process of elimination of different things to see what improves her well being. After reading about last year’s study at Princeton, I’m wondering if that has influenced my weight gain over the years. So, an experiment.

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