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Another Day in the Word Mines

Class is starting to wind down. We’re in the work-shopping phase, which is sort of a mixed blessing. On the upside hand, I’m getting really rigorous and relentless feedback. On the downside, I’m getting really rigorous and relentless feedback. It’s hard to face the prospect that I’m not the sparkling princess of awesome writing I hoped I was. =P I’ve gotten past the initial jolt and am feeling better, but it took me a little bit to get my feet under me.
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Dog’s barking, can’t fly without umbrella.

I feel like I’m slowing down. Probably a mix of burnout and deadlines being behind me. I finished the first pass on my short story for class and emailed it to the special lady friend for feedback and editing.

Class is going well. At the very least I think I’m getting everything done and I at least entertain my other classmates with my writing exercises.

I’ve been approached to work on another roleplaying game. My hopes are not very high. The person has offered to pay me for some previous work I’ve done but such payment has not manifested.

Nothing has moved forward with me being in the Kansas workshop. I sent the info to my mom, and have gotten only a minimal response in return. I’ll probably have to either figure out an alternate payment route or just give up on going this year. A little disappointing, but I’m feeling less confident lately.

I think that’s about it. Come March, I’ll start having monthly deadlines for short stories that are due places. I will probably also try to shop some of my other stories around. I’ve got leads on some additional venues I may try out.

Notes from the front lines.

I feel like a dork. I utterly failed to transition my last post from, “Here’s the anthology I’m in” and “And now about RustyCon.” I could go back and edit it, but it’s populated out to other places, including FB. I have no idea what would happen, and I don’t want to be blamed for crashing the Internets. Those tubes can only take so much strain.

As I mentioned last post, I frantically took notes on my iPhone notepad. I emailed myself the notes, but it’s still just random information. At first my plan was to at least talk about the “calls to action” I felt in the presentation. But it occurs to me that others may find this info useful, so I figured I could dump out my notes and see how much of it makes sense while it’s still fresh in my head.
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