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The Bolthy Manifesto (2015 Edition)

As I watched my 40th birthday slowly creep up on me, I¬†sought opinions on what I should do to commemorate it. One friend suggested I write a manifesto. At first I thought I couldn’t do such a thing, assuming that I would have some sort of answers about life when I don’t. But I looked up what a manifesto means: “A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer.”

For whatever reason, the thought of it being about my own views rather than some fundamental truth made it easier. Since my thirties have been a time of re-evaluating my life, I thought summing it up could have value for me if no one else. I will not claim this is brilliant or insightful. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that these are things that some people deal with much better than I have. It’s just what I’ve been struggling with and the answers that I found helpful.

I meant to publish this on my birthday, but I didn’t manage that. So here’s the belated manifesto.

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From the depths of my subconscious.

I often have random ideas come to me while I’m in that hazy realm between wakefulness and sleep. What happens less often is the recovery of ideas I had entirely forgotten about. I have a few game setting ideas that I’ve tentatively re-tasked to be a setting for a novel in the future, but I have one that I had entirely forgotten about.
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Now for something completely different!

I’m getting money for some game writing I did! Several years ago, when I thought I wanted to be a game designer and writer, I took a royalty-only project for a company called Seraphim Guard. They were known at the time for a small game book called Heartquest, a game of romance in shoujo manga. I got tapped to write a game book for fantasy anime called Spell-Slingers and Sword-Saints. I wrote it. The book went into limbo. The company changed hands a few time. I parted ways with them finally under bad terms.

About a year ago, the new owners of the company contacted me because they realized they had the rights to publish this game book. After some time, the decision was made to have someone else finish the missing bits of the manuscript and just cash me out rather than deal with the royalties. So, yay! Money!