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The Kensei Series
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Jamie Hattori fights crime under the name Kensei. With her family’s sword and the power to speak to the spirits of places and things, she tries to balance keeping her neighborhood safe while still maintaining her grades in high school. Life becomes difficult when multiple gods take an interest in her, and soon she’s fighting to survive the scheming of these powerful beings. All while trying to keep her girlfriend from getting hurt.

“Jeremy Zimmerman has created a unique combination coming-of-age / super-hero story in which the protagonist wrestles with her sexual identity as much as she wrestles with the city’s villains. Readers will love Kensei’s impressive ninja skills, but will root for her because of her humor and her heart.”
Danika Dinsmore, author of Fairy Tales of the White Forest
“There is always room for another kick-butt female hero, and Zimmerman delivers a double-punch with Jamie and her superhero identity, Kensei. Battling next to – and against – spirits, gods, lions and the awkwardness of high school, Jamie is a young lady with courage, spirit and staying power. A can’t miss read.”
Caren Gussoff, author of Homecoming and The Wave and Other Stories
“Kensei is fast paced, engaging, and full of likable characters. A wonderful mix of superheroes and mythology. Watching Jamie Hattori navigate high school, dating, and supervillainy is just plain fun.”
Lane Robins, author of Maledicte
“What an exciting, action-filled blast! Full of superheroes, villains, laughs, and mystery, this page-turner will charm and entertain while you cheer for the heroine to solve the crime and save her city from evil.”
Ann Charles, author of the Deadwood Mysteries
“Jeremy Zimmerman’s Kensei is all you can ask from a superhero story and more-great fight scenes, treacherous villains, vampire owls, clever quips, family drama, and even young love.”
– Author Jamie Lackey

Here are all the stories in order!

Want to see more of the characters from Kensei? 

Characters from the Kensei series appear in other Cobalt City books. You can find my recommended reading order in this post. Below is a partial guide to what characters can be seen in what books.

From Jeremy Zimmerman:

  • The Devil, You Say: The legacy of Devil Cat and Imp have left their mark on Jamie’s life. This book collects three stories about these pulp heroes.
  • Snowflake War Journal: Gato Loco and Snowflake will appear in Kensei 3.

From Dawn Vogel:

  • Sparx and Arrows: Features Huntsman and Kara Sparx, including the two women who have worn the mantle of Hunstman. Jamie has a brief appearance here.

From Nathan Crowder:

From Erik Scott de Bie:

From Amanda Cherry:

  • Rites & Desires: Features Stardust, the Young Dudes, and a low-key cameo by Jamie and Sabrina.

Other Fiction from Jeremy Zimmerman

  • DefCon One: A list of all books published under my indie press imprint.

Recent Short Story Publications

  • “Hope Beyond Death” will appear in Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels from Clockwork Dragon
  • “Song of Hruodland” has been published in Re-Quest from Pole-to-Pole Publishing
  • “A Christmas Sutra” has been published in Cobalt City Christmas: Christmas Harder
  • “Kiss of Death” has been published in Hides the  Dark Tower from Pole-to-Pole Publishing

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