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The State of the World

It is several months after the Patternfall war. Amber is in trouble. The repair of the Primal Pattern and the drawing of Corwin's Pattern have significantly reorganized shadow. About half of the Golden Circle kingdoms are much farther from Amber than they were. No one has found the other half yet. Amber, as a kingdom, relied heavily on shadow trade for supplies and now, that trade is almost non-existent. While no one in Castle Amber goes hungry, poverty and rebellion are setting in throughout the rest of the kingdom. It is only the efforts of Gerard, Caine, and Julian who have been personally bringing in supply caravans from shadow that has prevented an outright revolt.

Adding to the threat of revolt is a growing religious movement. The Reorganized Church of the Unicorn believes that Patternfall was the beginning of the end of the world. The Serpent is coming and only the Unicorn will save them. They claim divine guidance from the spirits of Tir-na Nog'th. While no one else has met these spirits, no one can deny that strange lights are often seen in Amber's dark mirror.

King Random's rule is threatened in other ways. The Lords of Chaos commonly violate the Patternfall Accords. They are demanding that they be "renegotiated" now that the gun of Amber's army is no longer pointed at their collective heads. Thus far, Random has held firm to the accords, but he can't afford a war at this time.

Benedict's analysis shows that Amber could defeat the Courts, should it come to war. But he is worried about another threat. Large, powerful armies have been spotted moving through shadow. Thus far, they are only attacking each other but Benedict feels that it is wise to assume the armies will eventually attack the one, true kingdom.

Of course, that is only what people think is going on...

State of the World, Addendum 1

Amber is quiet, almost as much a place of ghosts as Tir-Na Nog'th. The echoes of those lost in Martin's war haunt the thoughts of those who remain behind. Perhaps the lost have it better. They don't have to live with the memories of what they became when the Chaos grenades hit. The grenades are the weapons of last resort for a people with few options left. They inflict terrible mutations on those who survive the initial blast. Fortunately, those so mutated rarely last long. Chaos says that it just wants to exist, in peace and balance with Amber. Martin has vowed Thelbane will be dismantled, brick by shiny-oozy-window-thing.

Flora has assumed the day to day duties of running Amber and Julian commands the guard. Martin and Gerard spend their days waging the war. That Gerard was caught in a Chaos blast and mutates as much as any soldier ever did goes unmentioned by those who wish to remain in Amber. It is only the legendary Amber endurance that has kept the changes from destroying him altogether. Some degree of chaos is intrinsic to those of Amber blood, so the Pattern provides no cure.

First came the great storm, then came the famine. Stars warred in Tir-Na Nog'th and a dragon flies the skies. The Brothers battle and the people die in pointless war. The signs are fulfilled. The end of the world has come and the Unicorn has forsaken Amber. Only a blood sacrifice of a member of the royal family can atone for its sins. Or so believes the Church of the Unicorn. Amberites do not openly venture into the city anymore. Martin has not acted against the Church out of fear that he would become the sacrifice of choice. Does not the woman who brings him food each day have a brother in the Church? Does not the boy who changes his bedpan have an uncle who is a priest? Amber is not secure against its own people.

Rebma has become a haven for those who have fled Amber. Fiona and Bleys are frequently guests of Queen Llewella. Queen Moire was killed by a great white shark who went into a feeding frenzy at the same time that Random was attacked. The shark was apparently the emissary of Sedna (the fluidic arm of the Courts of Chaos). The new queen seeks to break the symmetries between Amber and Rebma lest Rebma follow Amber's path. The queen also has begun a search for Random. Although Martin claims "he is under the BEST medical care", some would like to verify this for themselves. Martin lacks the power to subdue Rebma, at least without altering the fabric of reality. While Martin is often seen wearing the Jewel of Judgement, he has yet to show that he knows how to use it.

Benedict has eliminated 17 separate armies of the Aries Mark XII. He claims that it is much more dangerous than the Aries Mark VII that fought him to a stalemate centuries ago. Fortunately, he claims, so is he. Benedict almost seems to be enjoying the challenge and considers the Mark XII a greater menace than anything Amber has faced. Fortunately, it still seems to lack trans-shadow capabilities. Benedict thinks that it is using the undead forms of great warriors who were, in life, able to traverse shadow to lead its armies. Somehow, the warriors have managed to retain their abilities in their undead forms.

Fiona and Bleys are greatly disturbed by the news that Arawn, Fiona's son, has been freed from the shadow that imprisoned him. He was a cunning and powerful necromancer whose mad scheme to end all death, everywhere led to his imprisonment. Speaking of imprisonment, Brand has been freed from the trump limbo that held him since the end of the Patternfall war. His current plans are unknown.

Fiona, Bleys, Benedict, Aremis, Lamianna and Caine are all under a death sentence in Amber. Pete, Harlock, Egon, Flora, Julian, Gerard, Llewella, and Brand are not. Random, Corwin, and Dworkin have not been heard from.

Since February 27, 1999, Lego Men of Harlok have died for the good of Amber. Poor schmucks. The Golden
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