"I think the best way to describe Ill Met in Amber is a combination of Amber RPG rules, and the social dynamics of Fahfrd and the Grey Mouser in an Oscar Wilde play after he's had a bit too much to drink..."
-Blake Moorcroft
"This is the gentleman I am going to fight with," said Athos, pointing to D'Artagnan with his hand and saluting him with the same gesture.

"Why, it is with him I am also going to fight," said Porthos.

"But not before one o'clock," replied D'Artagnan.

"And I also am to fight with this gentleman," said Aramis, coming in his turn onto the place.

"But not until two o'clock," said D'Artagnan, with the same calmness.

-Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers
The royal family, near-gods among men, travel at will through the various alternations of reality.

But in the end, they return to the City.

But deific princes and princesses does not a city make. No, there are merchants, nobles, ambassadors, priests, servants, slaves, guards, rogues, tourists, travelers, and vagabonds. Though not as epic as those "on the hill", their dramas are still filled with passion, danger, mystery, and intrigue.

This game, and this website, is dedicated to them.

Played once a year at AmberCon, Ill Met in Amber brings together the more buckled swashes of the One True City to plot, scheme, revel, and smarm. All while the players drink scotch. Between the games the players spend time defining the city of Amber, as well as their relations with each other. Currently there is also a PBEM getting started to allow a greater scope of people to become involved.

We provide this website for two reasons. One is to compile all the information regarding Amber so that you may enjoy our work, and maybe find things you yourself can use in your own games. The second is so that we can make you wish you were in our game.

If you'd like more information outside of what is in this site, please contact Chris Kindred.

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10 September 2001

Finally filled in the Rules section.
2 September 2001
Added Arryl der Gottswache to the Cast page.
15 July 2001
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