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Geography of Amber

Amber is the name of the kingdom, the capital city, and the royal palace in the capital city.

Amber City, the capital, is perched on the eastern face of Mount Kolvir, right above the ocean. Kolvir the largest in a mountain chain that extends from the coast (with Kolvir) off into the west. The city meanders up the side of the mountain. The northern part of the city is closest to sea level, and that’s where you’ll find roads leading out of the city. The southern part of the city has the highest elevation. That’s where the castle is. The Eastern Gate opens onto a stairway carved into the side of the mountain and takes you down to the beach. Or you can take the Western Gate to get out onto Kolvir and go through its winding paths and foothills to get to Arden.

South and west of the city is the forest of Arden. It is in Arden that you find the Valley of Garnath, where the black road came through Arden and right up to the foot of Kolvir. . South and east of the city is the ocean. To the north of the city is the rest of the kingdom. Northeast of there is supposed to be a ghost city called Tir-na Nog’th that floats out over the ocean and only appears under the light of the moon. Southeast there’s a subaquatic kingdom called Rebma.

Amber has a number of other kingdoms that it trades with. They are apparently in Shadow, but there are paths carved through Shadow that connect Amber with these other kingdoms. With each of these kingdoms there are a number of treaties signed providing mutual protection and non-aggression. These kingdoms are known as the “Golden Circle.” Most of the routes to these places are naval, but some have land-based travel routes.