Things were very different in the Hundred Acre woods after Wise Old Owl created the Pogrus. The Animals of the woods, led by Christopher Robin began to have more and more grand adventures, and saw all the places of their dreams.

But then, one day, Christopher Robin wasn't there. He wasn't at his house. He wasn't flying a kite with Piglet. He wasn't at the bridge playing Pooh Sticks with Pooh. He wasn't talking with any of Rabbit's friends and relations.

In short, he was Missing.

Of course, everyone had their own Idea of where he could have been. Rabbit thought perhaps he was off defending the Hundred Acre Wood from the ever approaching (but never arriving) Heffalumps and Woozles. Piglet thought he might have Grown Up and left the Woods. Eeyore was certain he was dead, and Pooh opined that Christopher Robin was Around There Somewhere.

The original concept of this game was born out of a discussion on the Amber Mailing List of a possible power that existed between Amber and Chaos. One person suggested that it be a Pogrus, another person joked that "Pogrus" sounded like something out of Winnie the Pooh, and a third person whipped up this little rhyme:

The wonderful thing about Pogrus,
Is Pogrus is a wonderful thing.
The top's an Icon of Order.
The bottom's a squiggly thing.
I felt inspired by such wit and decided to come up with rules and such. This game originally started as a short-lived PBEM. Then at AmberCon Northwest 2000 I ran this as a one-shot. I became horribly enslaved to the game by the players, and have been riffing on each of the Amber books for each year.